Blue Lacuna — 465 of 475

Aaron A. Reed

Release 4

Section - Space Museum

Report going from Room7 to Space Museum: say "You crest the steps and push open the damaged door, which creaks reluctantly. Through it you pass into a large space, open and empty.".

Space Museum is inside from Room7. Space Museum is up from Room7. The printed name is "Abandoned Museum". The description of Space Museum is "Clouds of dust kicked up by the explosion are still dancing through the air of this high-ceilinged space. It looks as if exhibits once dominated the walls, but now empty placards and ghost rectangles of clean wall are all that remain.[paragraph break]In the center of the otherwise empty space is a white [o]rocket[x] ship, covered in dust[if StraightTalkWithRebelLeader has ended].[paragraph break][exits][end if].". The exits text of Space Museum is "The sounds of the [d]street[x] seem somehow muted in here". Understand "street" as outside when location is Space Museum.

The rocket ship model is a setpiece in Space Museum. The description is "As you move closer, you see it is only a model, but an inspiring sight, nonetheless. A great tapering cylinder, one side has been cut away to reveal half-sized glass cylinders with half-sized sleeping people inside. A [o]plaque[x] stands near the base of the model.". Check entering rocket ship model: say "It's only a model." instead.

The rocket-plaque is part of the rocket ship model. Understand "plaque" as the rocket-plaque. The printed name is "plaque". The description is "'Half scale model of a proposed colony ship to another star. The new colonists would sleep through the long journey. Construction waits only on the successful synthesis by scientists of somenium, a breakthrough expected to occur within the next few years.'".

StraightTalkWithRebelLeader is a scene. StraightTalkWithRebelLeader begins when the player has been in Space Museum for at least 3 turns or the player has been in Holding-Cell for at least 3 turns.

leader is a man with printed name "Leader Tall". understand "man/tall/mayor/governor/general" as leader.

When StraightTalkWithRebelLeader begins:

move leader to location;

now leader is attentive;

say "[if location is Space Museum]A [o]shadow[x] cuts off the light coming into the room[otherwise]A small commotion rises from the hallway outside; you hear low murmurs of excitement, the snap of heels clicking to attention. Then the door to your cell slides open and a guard looks in on you suspiciously.[paragraph break]'Visitor,' he mutters. 'Damned important one, too.' And he steps back to admit a small, well-dressed [o]man[x] into the cell, closing the door behind him[end if].";

now tempfuse of cl_intro is 5.

Check taking off when StraightTalkWithRebelLeader is happening and noun is cap (this is the can't escape during a key scene rule):

say "With all the trouble he's done to bring you here, it would be tragic to leave in the middle of the conversation." instead.

Instead of saying farewell to or going during StraightTalkWithRebelLeader: follow the can't escape during a key scene rule. Instead of exhausting during StraightTalkWithRebelLeader: say "'I would love to tell you more,' he says, adjusting his glasses, 'but I'm afraid our time is short.'".

Leader is a man. Understand "shadow" or "Leader Tall" or "man" as leader. The description is "[if we have not discussed cl_intro]Standing in the doorway is a man. The daylight spilling in around him makes his features indistinct.[otherwise]Standing a half-dozen paces away is a short man with a rounded belly and large, wiry spectacles, dressed in finely tailored cloth. A faint, quiet smile seems a permanent fixture on his aged face, hovering below whorls of graying hair. There is a manner of weary resignation about him, but also one of quiet determination.[end if]". The initial appearance is "Leader Tall stands nearby, orating.".

CWRL is a thread. The escape clause of CWRL is cl_story1. [If we get off track, go back to the story.]

cl_intro is an exciting beat in CWRL with reaction "[if location is Space Museum]'[leaderintrobit],' the man says, taking a few steps into the room and letting the door swing closed again. Outside you can see the faint tableau of an armored vehicle and several burly guards. [paragraph break]He strolls slowly through the room, looking around at the closed exhibits sadly and running fingers along the hull of the model ship. 'Twenty years ago we built her,' he says, 'full size, mind, not this model. But all the somenium on this world was good for but one voyage. Where to send it? Hmm. Who can tell. And the scientists never did find a way to make more.' He smiles, sadly. 'They say now they never will.' [otherwise]'An inauspicious place,' the man says, eyeing the bars critically, 'for such a momentous meeting. I can't say I understand your actions; cultural differences, I suppose. And even I must sift through paperwork, or else...' He coughs. 'But here we are.'[paragraph break]He studies your face for a long moment, seeming to search for something there, then begins. 'There is a ship,' he says quietly, 'in a museum not far from here. Safe from the attack, thank us. We built it twenty years ago, without knowing where to send it. Your predecessor was unable to help us, so now we turn our hopes on you.' He smiles sadly.[end if][paragraph break]'I am Leader Tall,' he adds with a nod, almost as an afterthought, 'Governor General. [cl_goodtomeet].'". cl_intro summons cl_goodtomeet. Understand "welcome" as cl_goodtomeet. Instead of greeting Leader when last beat is cl_intro, force discuss cl_goodtomeet. cl_intro suggests cl_questions. Before discussing cl_intro: if we have examined green slip, now cl_intro summons cl_censorship; continue the action.

To say leaderintrobit: if we have examined rocket-plaque, say "But they never synthesized it"; otherwise say "She never flew".

Understand "Cloudeye" as cl_Cloudeye when last beat is in CWRL. cl_Cloudeye is an ephemeral beat in CWRL with reaction "Leader Tall looks vague. 'Yes,' he says, 'one of the scientists on your-- pardon-- Dr. Quick's team, I believe. I've not met him myself.'".

Understand "bombing" as cl_bombing. cl_bombing is a beat in CWRL with fuse 6 and keyword name "bombing" and reaction "An angry look crosses Leader Tall's face. 'The [cl_greeneyes],' he says, 'will not rest until they've destroyed our city and killed every soul in it. They are terrorists and murderers. It pains me that they struck again on the day of your arrival. But we will deal with them.'". cl_bombing suggests cl_transitiontopoint.

Understand "greeneyes/greeneye" as cl_greeneyes. cl_greeneyes is a beat in CWRL with fuse 6 and keyword name "greeneyes" and reaction "'They are descendants of Weaver Greeneyes and his followers,' Leader Tall says sourly, making a dismissive gesture with one hand, 'traitors against [cl_buildertall] Tall, the great leader who saved the Twelve from starvation and death in the first cold years after their arrival. They live on the islands, we on the land. But their day is drawing to an end.'". cl_greeneyes suggests cl_transitiontopoint.

Understand "censorship" as cl_censorship. cl_censorship is a beat in CWRL with fuse 6 and keyword name "censorship" and reaction "Leader Tall's face grows troubled. 'It was never my intent to interfere with the free exchange of knowledge and ideas,' he says. 'But of late a growing group of greeneyes sympathizers has taken root in our youth. These hotheads want to destroy all government, cast out all leaders and let each family fend for itself. Surely you are wise enough to realize such anarchy is foolish.' He sighs. 'Even the staunchest patriot could not deny the persuasive power of Weaver [cl_greeneyes]['] words, even two centuries later. So the book has been removed from the public libraries. Only temporarily. I'm not proud of my action, but I believe it had to be done, for the good of City. Some say I am [cl_censoragree] and some [cl_censordisagree]; that is the way of things in a free society, but for now it is I who make the decisions.'". cl_censorship suggests cl_transitiontopoint.

Understand "correct" as cl_censoragree when last beat is in CWRL. cl_censoragree is a beat in CWRL with keyword name "correct" and reaction "Leader Tall nods. 'I am glad you understand,' he says. 'And when this war is over, my first act will be to return all the books to the libraries. May the Greeneyes crumble soon and hasten that day's arrival.'". cl_censoragree suggests cl_transitiontopoint. cl_censoragree cancels cl_censordisagree.

Understand "wrong" as cl_censordisagree when last beat is in CWRL. cl_censordisagree is a beat in CWRL with keyword name "wrong" and reaction "Leader Tall shakes his head. 'You have not seen the suffering caused by the Greeneyes,' he says, 'the pallor of fear cast over our city for a generation by those animals. We cannot face any more division. Only by uniting against this threat can we hope to prevail.' He straightens his back a little, defiant. 'I stand behind my decision,' he says.". cl_censordisagree suggests cl_transitiontopoint. cl_censordisagree cancels cl_censoragree.

Understand "builder" as cl_buildertall when last beat is in CWRL. cl_buildertall is a beat in CWRL with keyword name "Builder" and reaction "'Builder Tall is the pillar of our society,' Leader Tall says seriously, 'hero to schoolchildren and model to the grown. He was the first of us to accept the terrible mantle of freedom and responsibility, to realize that the loss of the windsigh was in fact the dawn of independence for our species. We all are in his shadow, and ever in his debt.'". cl_buildertall suggests cl_transitiontopoint.

cl_goodtomeet is an ephemeral beat in CWRL with keyword name "Welcome" and reaction "Leader Tall inclines his head graciously to you. 'We have waited a long time for your return,' he says, and adds, with a small smile, 'your coming, rather. We had expected the return of another. But you are as welcome.'".

cl_questions is a beat in CWRL with reaction "Leader Tall taps the [if location is Space Museum]spaceship[otherwise]wall[end if] thoughtfully. 'Timing,' he says. 'Twenty years we've waited for your friend to return. You arrive and the [cl_greeneyes] launch another act of terrorist madness the same day.' He shakes his head. 'So despite all that I wish, I must meet you here, [if location is Space Museum]amongst ruins[otherwise]in a cell and not my private offices[end if], and only briefly.' He sighs. 'But I owe you explanations. Please, if you have questions, ask, and then I will come to the [cl_transitiontopoint].'". cl_questions suggests cl_transitiontopoint. cl_questions summons cl_directtransition, cl_cloudeye, cl_buildertall, cl_bombing, cl_censorship, cl_greeneyes.

cl_transitiontopoint is a beat in CWRL with keyword name "point" and reaction "'Nothing more?' Leader Tall asks. 'Then very good. We come to it.'". cl_transitiontopoint enqueues cl_story1. cl_story1 replaces cl_transitiontopoint.

Understand "point" as cl_directtransition. cl_directtransition is a beat in CWRL with reaction "Leader Tall smiles. 'As impatient as I,' he says. 'Yes, let's come to it, then.'". cl_directtransition enqueues cl_story1.

cl_story1 is a beat in CWRL with reaction "The quiet little man turns to face you at last, folding his hands on his walking stick, regarding you seriously. 'Much of this you doubtless know already, so I will be brief. Our people are the descendants of the [cl_twelve] who [cl_crashlanded] on this planet two hundred years ago, the seeds of the Trees meant to use us and enslave us destroyed. For generations we were scared and alone, but have survived.'[paragraph break]'Some time ago one of our greatest scientists--' he gives you a strange little side look, and you realize he's talking about Quick-- 'made a [cl_breakthrough] in the study of that marvel of technology, Egg, which brought us here. The results were many, but chiefly two: it enabled us to secretly listen in on their intergalactic chatter-- and gave us the ability to repair and refurbish the ship.'". cl_story1 suggests cl_story2. cl_story2 replaces cl_story1. cl_story1 cancels cl_questions, cl_buildertall, cl_censoragree, cl_censordisagree, cl_greeneyes, cl_bombing, cl_cloudeye.

Understand "twelve" as cl_twelve when last beat is in CWRL. cl_twelve is a beat in CWRL with keyword name "Twelve" and reaction "'Each Egg left its home, the Heart of the Forest, with twelve men and women aboard,' Tall says, 'determined by the calculations of the windsigh to be the optimum number of helpers to assist the new trees to grow, and then breed more helpers for newer generations. Our Twelve are our ancestors; you have doubtless seen their names reflected everywhere in our City.'". cl_twelve enqueues cl_story2.

Understand "crashlanded/crash" as cl_crashlanded when last beat is in CWRL. cl_crashlanded is a beat in CWRL with keyword name "crashlanded" and reaction "'Based on information our mindlisteners have uncovered,' he says, 'it would seem there was a fault in the reentry programming of the egg ships. Some small percentage of them failed when entering their target planet's atmosphere. But our world, and yours, are the only two we know of where there were any survivors.'". cl_crashlanded enqueues cl_story2.

Understand "breakthrough" as cl_breakthrough when last beat is in CWRL. cl_breakthrough is a beat in CWRL with keyword name "breakthrough" and reaction "'The taming of somenium,' Tall says, rubbing his face tiredly, 'will doubtless go down in our history as one of our greatest moments. Doctor Quick's work building the somenium crucible and the mindlink interface was instrumental.' He smiles. 'Your mind is in good company in there.'". cl_breakthrough enqueues cl_story2.

cl_story2 is a beat in CWRL with reaction "'But we had only that one ship's worth of somenium,' he continues, pacing the room slowly, 'that rare substance which lets the windsigh think together across the stars, and would keep us in contact with would-be colonists. Oh, we could send the ship off without it,' he adds bitterly, 'but those poor souls would be like blind mice crawling into a galaxy of snakes.'[paragraph break]'For [cl_trees] does not want us,' he says, stepping close to you, a fire in his eyes. 'Trust that, despite what they say. We are an abomination to them, a botched experiment that somehow lived and thrived. They do not want us to spread, to colonize, perhaps to tempt their [cl_slaves] with the promise of freedom. They mean for us to stay stranded here on this small world until we have [cl_destroy] ourselves.'". cl_story2 suggests cl_story3. cl_story3 replaces cl_story2. cl_story2 summons cl_trees, cl_slaves, cl_destroy.

Understand "Forest" as cl_trees when last beat is in CWRL. cl_trees is a beat in CWRL with keyword name "Forest" and reaction "'What place could we have in their grand design?' he asks simply. 'Their millennial plan to spread Forest across the stars, a forest as large as a galaxy, of thinkers and their subservient companions? Free peoples would muddy their perfect vision, and they would not tolerate it.'". cl_trees enqueues cl_story3.

Understand "slave/slaves/slavery" as cl_slaves when last beat is in CWRL. cl_slaves is a beat in CWRL with keyword name "[if last beat is cl_story4]slavery[else]slaves" and reaction "'Our ancestors gave up their destiny, their free will, their future to serve Forest,' Tall says, fixing you with a firm glance, 'who took it without a thought, and used their limbs and eyes and ears. And in turn kept them from using their minds. Yes; slavery is the word for it, without a doubt.'". cl_slaves enqueues cl_story3.

Understand "destroyed" as cl_destroy when last beat is in CWRL. cl_destroy is a beat in CWRL with keyword name "destroyed" and reaction "Tall pauses for a moment, as if regretting the word, then stares into the distance for a moment, considering.[paragraph break]'We are such a young people,' he says. 'We have grown up quickly in the generations since our sudden liberation, perhaps too quickly. We have not yet learned how to balance the need for authority with the need for freedom.' He shakes his head, clearing his thoughts.". cl_destroy enqueues cl_story3.

cl_story3 is a beat in CWRL with reaction "'But then,' he continues, 'twenty years ago, your friend arrived. Progue. From another lost world of Forest's expansion. He too had repaired an egg ship's [cl_seiver] and dove into the thought-strands of Forest. Through our mindlistener [cl_spies], we picked up news of their excitement, spreading in ripples throughout their galactic mind, and were able to communicate with him in dreams, much as we have with you. Finally we brought his mind here. And in telling us about his world, we learned something impossible.'[paragraph break]He fixes you with intense grey eyes, and speaks firmly. 'Those strange blue crystals on that distant island of Lacuna,' he says, 'are surely somenium. You have not seen our night sky, but it looks much as your friend described his. I do not think our worlds are so very far away.'[paragraph break]'I think our ship could reach your Lacuna,' he breathes, 'if we only knew [cl_where] it was.'". cl_story3 suggests cl_story4. cl_story4 replaces cl_story3. cl_story3 summons [cl_progue,] cl_seiver, cl_spies, cl_where.

[Understand "progue" as cl_progue when last beat is in CWRL. cl_progue is a beat in CWRL with reaction "'It was a ". cl_progue enqueues cl_story4.]

Understand "seiver" as cl_seiver when last beat is in CWRL. cl_seiver is a beat in CWRL with keyword name "seiver" and reaction "'Yes, the small glass egg containing the machinery that connects a mind to the the thought-strands of the galactic grove,' he says. 'A marvelous piece of technology, designed by trees, built by men, powered by somenium. There is only one on this world; thank Builder our side has it and not the Greeneyes.'". cl_seiver enqueues cl_story4.

Understand "spies" as cl_spies when last beat is in CWRL. cl_spies is a beat in CWRL with keyword name "spies" and reaction "'For twenty years now, they have worked tirelessly, around the clock,' he says, 'carefully stealing information from the glut of noise echoing through the thought-strands of Forest. It was never designed for security,' he adds with a smile, 'so though they have been aware of us for some years now, there is little they can do to shut us out, as long as we are careful. We have learned much about our former masters, over the years... and it has allowed us to find you.'". cl_spies enqueues cl_story4.

Understand "where" as cl_where when last beat is in CWRL. cl_where is a beat in CWRL with keyword name "where" and reaction "'You can help us find it,' he says. 'But first there is more to tell.'". cl_where enqueues cl_story4.

cl_story4 is a beat in CWRL with reaction "He steps closer and places a hand on your shoulder. 'It is our chance,' he says forcefully. 'Lacuna will be our stepping-stone to build the second great civilization of this galaxy... one built on free will, not [cl_slaves]. We can escape the violence and terrorism of the [cl_Greeneyes], and turn from war to science. In peace, and with the somenium there, we can prepare to expand outwards across the stars. And when we meet the empire of the windsigh...' he touches his fingers lightly together. 'We will come in peace, with but this as an offer: those humans who choose to leave their masters and join us will be welcomed. They will be welcome.'". cl_story4 suggests cl_story5. cl_story5 replaces cl_story4.

cl_story5 is a beat in CWRL with reaction "A sad smile touches Leader Tall's lips. He turns away from you. 'But that dream vanished when Progue did,' he said. 'I do not pretend to know why, but though he agreed to help us, he never did, and cut off all communication with us. And things here have grown worse. The Greeneyes have developed new weapons; we have been forced to follow suit. Crowding has gotten worse. There is so little habitable space on this miserable planet.'[paragraph break]He takes a deep breath, staring into the shimmering motes of dust that light from a half-boarded window illuminates. 'But now, you have come. A second chance, as mysterious and unlooked for as the first. Now perhaps you see why you are so welcome, why my government has stretched its resources to the breaking point to reach you.'". cl_story5 suggests cl_story6. cl_story6 replaces cl_story5.

cl_story6 is a beat in CWRL with reaction "Leader Tall turns to face you, and speaks with the firm voice of a lifelong orator. 'Stranger, I make to you the same offer that my father made to Progue, those years ago. To help us, you must merely do one thing, one very simple thing.'[paragraph break]'Return to Lacuna,' he says. 'Leave your seiver encrypted and set to our password, so your message will come, out of all the nodes of Forest, only to our seiver here in City. Climb to the top of the tallest windsigh on your island, so you will be surrounded by its branches.'[paragraph break]He hobbles forward until you are face to face, and breathes, 'Then, just this. [italic type]Look at the stars[roman type]. What you see will travel unwillingly through the tree into the seiver and to the computers and machines in the labs of Doctor Quick. He will turn it over to our astronomers. Through triangulations and calculations, they will be able to tell us where your world of Lacuna lies, and we will be able to plot a course there. And at last our ship will fly, and carry with it the future of our people.'". cl_story6 suggests cl_story7. cl_story7 replaces cl_story6.

[The trees there, of course, will retain a dim memory of what you saw, but nowhere near a precise enough image to give the same data to their own astronomers. ]

cl_story7 is a terminal beat in CWRL with reaction "A guard steps discreetly forward and whispers something in Leader Tall's ear. He nods, and turns back to you.[paragraph break]'I do not know you, visitor,' Leader Tall says, 'so I cannot call you friend. But if you help us, you will be the savior of a people, of a world, of a galaxy.' He fixes you with a deep, serious look.[paragraph break]Finally he nods, breaks the gaze, and turns, a wry smile twitching his lips. 'Just like a debate,' he says, beginning a shuffle towards the door. 'I've made my case, and now it's in the hands of the voters. Well. I have a government to attend to. Plans must be made. The people will expect retaliation for the tragedy today. Three more lives, I've been informed. A waste. The Greeneyes must be punished.'[paragraph break]'Remember,' he says at the door, 'just take off the transmitter cap and you'll awaken back on Lacuna. Goodbye for now, and... may your thoughts be free.' With one last nod, he turns [if location is Space Museum]and steps through the door. As the marbled window swings shut, you see his armored car roll silently away[otherwise]and raps sharply on the metal door with his stick. A moment later it slides open, and Leader Tall steps outside to his armed retinue, giving you a final somber glance before the door swings shut again[end if].". After discussing cl_story7: remove Leader from play.

Instead of attacking Leader, force discuss cl_attack.

cl_attack is a beat in CWRL with reaction "You move to strike at him but instantly the shadowy figures at the door resolve into armored figures with guns pointed in your direction. Leader Tall regards you sadly. 'Such anger?' he says. 'Perhaps, then, things are not so different here. Perhaps violence is the way of all worlds.'[paragraph break]'You are upset,' he says. 'Will you allow me to [t]continue[x] my story, and perhaps explain? Or will you [t]reject[x] my offer before I have finished making it?'". cl_attack summons cl_attackresolve, cl_endpoorly. Understand "continue" as cl_attackresolve. Understand "reject" as cl_endpoorly. cl_attack suggests cl_attackresolve. cl_attack2 replaces cl_attack.

cl_attack2 is a beat in CWRL with reaction "Instantly one of the troopers leaps forward and pummels you savagely with the butt of his gun. Stars explode in your vision-- for a moment, you see the mountaintop on Lacuna-- and then you sink to your knees, gasping; the pain is very real.". cl_attack2 enqueues cl_endpoorly.

cl_endpoorly is a terminal beat in CWRL with reaction "Leader Tall holds his stick in front of him, hands folded atop it, his face grim. 'Such a waste,' he mutters. 'Dreams shattered by madmen. Very well. Return to Lacuna by removing the transmitter cap, and leave the body of a man who devoted his life to bring you here in peace. I have a government to attend to. War to run. May your thoughts be free.'[paragraph break]He turns[if location is Space Museum], and strides wordlessly from the museum, the two soldiers following with guns trained on you. As the marbled door swings shut you see the armored car in the plaza outside pull quickly away[otherwise] and walks out the door, disappearing into his armed retinue who retreat slowly afterwords, guns trained on you, until the heavy steel door is slammed shut and locked again with an echoing slam[end if].". After discussing cl_endpoorly: remove Leader from play.

cl_attackresolve is a beat in CWRL with reaction "Leader Tall pauses, then nods. He motions to the guards, who retreat into the shadows again. 'Thank you,' he says. 'I will try to come to the point more quickly.'". cl_attackresolve enqueues cl_story1.

Instead of touching Leader, say "You reach out a hand and clasp Leader Tall's shoulder. He smiles and places his on yours. 'Thank you,' he says. 'It is good to know you are a [if player is female]wo[end if]man of character.'".

Instead of going when location is Space Museum and StraightTalkWithRebelLeader has not happened: say "Something about the still finality of this place makes you pause.".

StraightTalkWithRebelLeader ends when Leader is off-stage.

Every turn when StraightTalkWithRebelLeader has ended and location is regionally in Rebelworld and a random chance of 1 in 10 succeeds: say "The heavy wires and machinery in your [o]cap[x] itch you. You remember what Tall said about taking it off to return.".

[ Only a narrow band of livable space on this world;



cl_2 is a beat. The reaction is "{Here the Rebel leader explains himself to you. He apologizes for the attack by the Islanders, but uses it as an example: the free people, escaped from the trees, need more space.}". cl_2 suggests cl_request.

cl_request is a beat. The reaction is "{They say that they have repaired the ship that crashed here, generations ago, but don't know where to send it. They need more of the crystal on Lacuna, the only other planet where it has been found. They want to expand their civilization there, and then travel among the worlds, not as enemies, but gathering like-minded humans among them. You must leave the encryption set for the Rebels, then climb to the highest tree and look at the stars. They'll be able to pick up what you see and from that determine the location, and send a colony ship to make it a human world. To return to lacuna, just close your eyes.}". cl_request suggests cl_depart.