Blue Lacuna — 466 of 475

Aaron A. Reed

Release 4

Section - Cafeteria

[This is a small tableau to cover the condition where the player returns to the Treeworld after the bombing. ]

Cafeteria is a room in Rebelworld. "Plain metal tables reflect the harsh glow of fluorescent lights sharply in this windowless room. A few [o]technicians[x] in lab coats are scattered around at various tables, talking quietly to each other in tense voices, and glancing surreptitiously at a guard standing near the double [d]door[x] leading out of the room.".

The double door is a setpiece in Cafeteria. The description is "Doctor Cloudeye grabs your arm as you move towards the door. 'We can't leave till lockdown is over,' he says.".

Some reb-scientists are undescribed people in Cafeteria with printed name "technicians". Understand "technicians" as reb-scientists. The description is "They look tired.". Instead of greeting some reb-scientists, say "A few of them nod wearily at you, but none seem interested in joining a conversation.".

Post Bombing Return is a scene. Post Bombing Return begins when location is Cafeteria. When Post Bombing Return begins: now Cloudeye is attentive; force discuss pbr-intro.

PBR is a thread. pbr-intro is a beat in PBR with reaction "Doctor Cloudeye, sitting at a table nearby, notices your confusion and grips your arm. 'You've returned,' he says. 'We're in the cafeteria at the lab; there's been a [pbr-lockdown] because of the [pbr-greeneyes] attack.'". pbr-intro summons pbr-lockdown, pbr-greeneyes.

Understand "lockdown" as pbr-lockdown when last beat is in PBR. pbr-lockdown is a beat in PBR with keyword name "lockdown" and reaction "'The lab here is one of the presumptive targets in any Greeneyes attack,' Cloudeye explains quickly, 'because of the somenium and the seiver. We've got it, not them, so of course they want it, you see. So everything is ultra tight security now until the Force has verified that the area is clear.'".

Understand "greeneye/greeneyes" as pbr-greeneyes when last beat is in PBR. pbr-greeneyes is a beat in PBR with keyword name "Greeneyes" and reaction "'It's one of the biggest ones so far,' Cloudeye explains, running a hand through his long straight hair nervously. 'Three separate bombs went off simultaneously at three points across City. There've been reports of more in the farms; maybe they're trying to cut off our supply lines.' He swallows weakly. 'But our technicians are standing by, if you're willing to help us,' he says. 'It will take more than that to knock us out.'[paragraph break]'Please,' he adds, 'return to Lacuna by taking off your cap, go to the tallest tree, and look at the stars. Don't let all our work be for nothing.'".

Instead of getting bored when location is Cafeteria: do nothing. Instead of greeting Cloudeye when location is Cafeteria: say "'Nothing to do but wait it out, doctor,' he says distractedly.".

[Chapter - Puzzles

After going in Rebelworld for the first time: now everything required by Contacting-All-The-Trees is met; continue the action.

Section - Reaching Rebelworld

Reaching-Rebelworld is a puzzle. Reaching-Rebelworld requires Getting To The Rebs.

After going in Rebelworld for the first time: now everything required by Reaching-Rebelworld is met; continue the action.

Section - Finishing Rebelworld

Finishing-Rebelworld is a puzzle. Finishing-Rebelworld requires Ditching The Rebs.

After taking off cap when StraightTalkWithRebelLeader has ended: now everything required by Finishing-Rebelworld is met; continue the action.]