Blue Lacuna — 464 of 475

Aaron A. Reed

Release 4

Section - Holding-Cell

[ Antisocial behavior will wind the player up in here, where the scene with the rebel leader plays out in a somewhat different fashion. ]

DrQuick has a number called rap sheet.

Getting Arrested is a scene. Getting Arrested begins when the rap sheet of DrQuick >= 5. When Getting Arrested begins: say "Suddenly you are surrounded by burly, uniformed guards, holding dangerous looking weapons and eyeing you warily.[paragraph break]'Get down on the ground, now,' one of them shouts. You have no choice but to comply."; print a section break; move DrQuick to Holding-Cell. Getting Arrested ends when location is Holding-Cell.

Life Behind Bars is a scene. Life Behind Bars begins when location is Holding-Cell. When Life Behind Bars begins: remove passcard from play; repeat with cn running through coins held by player begin; remove cn from play; end repeat. Life Behind Bars ends when location is not Holding-Cell.

Holding-Cell is a room in Rebelworld with printed name "Holding Cell". The description of Holding-Cell is "This small bare room is adorned only by a metal [o]slab[x] jutting from the wall, a simple washbasin, and a large steel door with a barred, glassed window. The silence is pressing.".

Instead of going when location is Holding-Cell, say "You can't see any way out of here.".

The metal slab is an enterable undescribed supporter. It is in Holding-Cell. The simple washbasin is a setpiece in Holding-Cell. The large steel door is a door. It is east of Holding-Cell. It is locked. A barred glassed window is part of large steel door. The description of barred glassed window is "All you can see is a well-lit, sterile white hallway beyond.". Understand "glass" as barred glassed window.