Blue Lacuna — 463 of 475

Aaron A. Reed

Release 4

Section - The Bombing

Islander Bombing is a scene. Islander Bombing begins when the player is in Room5 for the first time.

The crime scene is a room that varies.

When Islander Bombing begins:[aar]

[Announce the event, and adjust ambience and scenery items.]

say "Suddenly a high pitched whine fills the air. Traffic around you stops and people look to the sky in fear. Before a moment passes, there is an explosion; you are knocked to the ground and half-deafened. Clods of dirt rain down around you. Screams pierce the air.[paragraph break]You stand again and brush yourself off-- no damage, it seems. But the street isn't so lucky.";

now crime scene is the location;

move street debris to Rebelworld;

move barricades to Plaza;

now the ambience table of Rebelworld-Outdoors is Table of Panic Plaza ambience;

remove the historian from play;

[ Determine which avenue ("direction") we should place the new rooms on. Ideally, it will be one the player has not yet explored from the plaza; failing that, it will be one at random that's not the one they're on. ]

let dirlist be {north, east, south, west};

if there is a dir of north in Table of Rebworld Map, remove north from dirlist;

if there is a dir of east in Table of Rebworld Map, remove east from dirlist;

if there is a dir of south in Table of Rebworld Map, remove south from dirlist;

if there is a dir of west in Table of Rebworld Map, remove west from dirlist;

if the number of entries in dirlist is 0: [If there's no entries, there will be at least one street we've only explored one room down; pick that one at random.]

let tempway be rebstreet cardinality;

while tempway is rebstreet cardinality:

sort Table of Rebworld Map in random order;

choose row with a depth of 1 in Table of Rebworld Map;

let tempway be dir entry;

let tempdepth be 2;

else: [If we still have any entries in dirlist, there's an unexplored avenue; pick that one.]

let tempway be entry ( a random number from 1 to the number of entries in dirlist ) of dirlist;

let tempdepth be 1;

[Now add the map connection for the new rooms to our chosen direction.]

choose a blank row in Table of Rebworld Map;

change dir entry to tempway;

change depth entry to tempdepth;

change room entry to Room6;

choose row with a dir of tempway in Table of Cardinal Directions;

now the printed name of Room6 is fullstreet entry;

[Remove map connections related to the two streets that aren't the one we chose or the one we're on. ]

let dirlist be {north, east, south, west};

remove rebstreet cardinality from dirlist;

remove tempway from dirlist, if present;

repeat through Table of Rebworld Map:

if dir entry is listed in dirlist:

blank out the whole row;

[Mark the other two avenues as being the ones that are still open.]

repeat through Table of Cardinal Directions:

if dir entry is not listed in dirlist:

change flag entry to 1.

Room6 is a room. The description of Room6 is "Decaying elegance speaks to a neighborhood that was once wealthy and prosperous but now has sunk into abandonment and decline. Now fire rages in a building to one side of this street, while broken glass litters the other. The streets here are strangely quiet, as if already abandoned. [exits].". The exits text of Room6 is "The street runs towards the [d]plaza[x] or a curved [d]courtyard[x] opposite". Understand "courtyard" as northeast when location is Room6.

Room7 is northeast of Room6. The printed name is "Courtyard". Understand "courtyard" or "curved" as Room7. The description of Room7 is "The street ends here at a once well-manicured circle lined with blue-grey shrubs. One burns slowly, ignited by some piece of flying debris. The shouts and sirens from the rest of the city seem muffled here, subdued. [exits].". The exits text of Room7 is "The street stretches back towards the [d]plaza[x]. Light spills through a round window on a [d]door[x] half off its hinges, at the top of a few graceful curved steps". Understand "door" as inside when location is Room7. Understand "plaza" as southwest when location is Room7. Report going from Room6 to Room7: say "You hurry down the deserted street.".