Blue Lacuna — 462 of 475

Aaron A. Reed

Release 4

Section - The Crime Scene (Room 5)

Room5 is a rebelcity-room. The description of Room5 is "[if unvisited]The street narrows here, entering a more residential area of high, narrow apartments with wrought-iron balconies and brown, dying bushes. [A sentence about a rebelcity room].[paragraph break][exits].[otherwise]A smoking crater in the center of the street is the epicenter of the chaos around you: broken glass, piles of blood-smeared rubble, sirens and screams. Progress further down [shortrebname of Room5] is blocked by the crater; the only sensible direction is back towards the [d]plaza[x].[end if]".

The smoking crater is a setpiece in Room5. The description is "Charred concrete and twisted shards of red-hot metal rise from the crater, and broken pipes of water and sewage mingle with sizzling electrical wire in the wreckage at the bottom.". Instead of entering or climbing the smoking crater, say "Far too dangerous.".

Some street debris is a minor backdrop. Understand "glass/rubble/blood" as street debris. The description is "Cleaning up the wreckage from the attack will take days.".