Blue Lacuna — 461 of 475

Aaron A. Reed

Release 4

Section - The Gallery

Room4 is a rebelcity-room. The description of Room4 is "The sidewalk widens here to encompass a long strip of land filled with [o]artwork[x]. [if Islander Bombing has happened]The art stands alone and unprotected on the empty street now, like archaeological remnants of some lost civilization[otherwise]Cars grumpily navigate the curved road, and while a few passers-by are examining the art, most are walking right by[end if]. [A sentence about a rebelcity room].[paragraph break][exits].".

Some chalk-drawings are a setpiece in Room4. The description is "Overlapped, smudged, and faded, they seem to evidence that the children of this squalid neighborhood, at least, are enjoying themselves.". The printed name is "chalk drawings". Understand "chalk/drawing/drawings" as chalk-drawings.

The rebel-artwork is a setpiece in Room4. The printed name is "street art". Understand "next" or "start" or "artwork" or "art" as rebel-artwork. The rebel-artwork has a number called current piece. The current piece of rebel-artwork is 0.

Before examining the rebel-artwork:

increase current piece of rebel-artwork by 1;

if current piece of rebel-artwork > number of rows in Table of RebelArtwork begin;

now current piece of rebel-artwork is 1;

say "You have looked through all the pieces of artwork, and come back to the first one.";

otherwise if current piece of rebel-artwork is 1;

say "You step into the sea of artwork and turn your attention to the first piece.";


say "You turn your attention to the next piece.";

end if.

Instead of examining the rebel-artwork:

let x be current piece of rebel-artwork;

choose row x in Table of RebelArtwork;

say "[desc entry][paragraph break]This piece is titled '[title entry].' A small [o]hopper[x] alongside [popularity entry]. [if current piece of rebel-artwork is number of rows in Table of RebelArtwork]This is the last piece of artwork, unless you go back to the [o]start[x][otherwise]The [o]next[x] piece of artwork is nearby[end if].".

Table of RebelArtwork

"Free Will""This sculpture is about your height, made entirely from small squares of mirrored glass fastened in the rough shape of a woman standing with arms outstretched, face turned towards the sky. The glass catches and throws the light in sparkling patterns around, making the exact shape of the piece almost hard to discern amidst the radiant sparkling light.""contains some coins"
"Greeneyes Advancing""This piece is a painting, quite good, showing dozens of crippled, deformed hands, interlocked and twisted together in some complex activity, slowly surrounding a lone city, reaching out as if to crush its proud and noble spires.""is filled with coins"
"The Spirit of City Dreams Of The Future""This textured painting, showing a beautiful green and blue-grey planet, a star rising above its horizon. In the foreground is a stylized angelic form, with the recognizable features of these people smoothed and emboldened into an idealized symbolic form, of a woman with flowing tresses and billowing white gown, staring into the background, where thousands of jeweled stars, the arm of a galaxy, await.""is nearly overflowing with coins"
"Alone Yet Together""A twisting mobius line of human forms with outstretched arms, sculpted in some textured clay. They are not quite touching." "contains a few scattered coins"
"Widow Tall Writes The Principles""A muted painting of a woman in black hunched over a desk with a quill, writing on parchment in dim firelight. Snow drifts the windows. A balding man stands near the desk, cupping the inkwell in his hand as if to keep the ink from freezing.""contains a handful of coins"
"Tree""A bas-relief carving in stone, showing a figure screaming in agony as twisted, gnarled roots cover his face and burrow into his head.""holds a smattering of coins"

The hopper is an undescribed open unopenable container in Room4. It is fixed in place. Understand "basket" as hopper. The description is "Just a small wire basket, which [coins bit].". To say coins bit: let x be current piece of rebel-artwork; choose row x in Table of RebelArtwork; say "[popularity entry]". Check taking hopper: say "There are people watching you." instead.

Instead of inserting something (called zeta) into the rebel-artwork, try inserting zeta into the hopper.

Instead of inserting something into the hopper when noun is not a coin, say "It looks like it's designed for coins." After inserting a coin into the hopper: say "You drop a coin into the hopper for "; let x be current piece of rebel-artwork; choose row x in Table of RebelArtwork; say "'[title entry].'".