Blue Lacuna — 460 of 475

Aaron A. Reed

Release 4

Section - Alley

Report going from Room3 to Alley: say "You slip out of the bustle of the avenue into the quieter, darker side street.". Report going from Alley to Room3: say "You return to the broad streets of the avenue.".

Alley is inside from Room3. The description of Alley is "There is less traffic on this small, unclean street, and what there is is quick and furtive. Gaudy [o]signs[x] rise over lurid green [o]doors[x].[paragraph break][exits].". The exits text of Alley is "Other than the doors, the only way to go is back [d]out[x] to the street". First instead of exiting when location is Alley: try going outside instead.

The green doors are a minor setpiece in Alley. Understand "door" as green doors. The provoke message is "[if pimp is on-stage][forcediscusssrg_payfirst][otherwise]The doors are solid and locked.". To say forcediscusssrg_payfirst: force discuss srg_payfirst. Instead of going inside when location is Alley: force discuss srg_payfirst. The description of green doors is "The green is a particularly lurid shade. The doors are scrubbed clean against the general dirt and refuse of the alleyway.".

The gaudy signs are a setpiece in Alley. The description is "The signs are painted in such a manner that their subject matter is obviously considered lascivious or unsavory. They all say things like 'supervisor,' or 'commander.'".

The pimp is a man in Alley. "A [o]man[x] in a faded brown suit leans against a brick wall, [if srg_rejected is spoken]contemptuously ignoring you[else]eyeing you with a wide grin[end if]." Understand "man/suit" as pimp. The printed name is "grinning man". First Report greeting the pimp: say "You give him a cautious greeting." instead. The description of pimp is "He has the same look that is sinkingly common on every world you've been to: that of a man who knows he is selling something his customers can't help but want.".

Selling Rebel Girls is a scene. Selling Rebel Girls begins when the player is in Alley. When Selling Rebel Girls begins: pre-conversation processing; force discuss srg_1. Instead of exhausting during Selling Rebel Girls, say "'Walker, I don't have time to flap all day,' he says.". Selling Rebel Girls ends when player is not enclosed by Alley.

SRG is a thread.

srg_1 is a beat in SRG with reaction "The grinning man accosts you. 'Hey government [if DrQuick is male]man[otherwise]lady[end if],' he says casually, 'looking for some time off? Escape all those big decisions, get away from that pressure? Why don't you come inside and meet one of my [srg_girls], eh? You won't have to worry about anything at all. They'll tell you exactly what to do.' He winks suggestively.". srg_1 suggests srg_girls. srg_1 summons srg_girls.

Understand "supervisors" as srg_girls when last beat is in SRG. srg_girls is a beat in SRG with keyword name "supervisors" and reaction "'Come on, walker,' he grins, 'you know it's what you want. Someone to be in [srg_control]. They tell you what to do and you do it. A vacation from that rooting responsibility, clear your head. Reasonable, very reasonable rates: just [srg_clotheson] for an hour, too truth, my best supervisor just freed up, what do you say?'". srg_girls summons srg_control, srg_clotheson, srg_rejected, srg_nomoney. Understand "fifteen" as srg_clotheson. Instead of saying no when last beat is srg_girls or last beat is srg_clotheson or last beat is srg_barter, force discuss srg_rejected. srg_girls suggests srg_barter.

srg_barter is a beat in SRG with reaction "'Hey, I forgot,' he says smoothly, 'special rate for uniforms, only twelve for an hour, best rate in the city. Come on, you in?'". srg_barter suggests srg_rejected. The yes-beat of srg_barter is srg_clotheson. The no-beat of srg_barter is srg_rejected.

srg_rejected is a terminal beat in SRG with keyword name "no" and reaction "He sneers at you. 'Oh yeah, so superior, you uniforms. I get more of you buttoned-up government types down here begging for it than anyone else. You need it worse than the rest of us. Uniforms.' He waves a hand dismissively and return to his post against the wall. 'You'll be back, walker, you'll be back.'". srg_rejected2 replaces srg_rejected.

Understand "control" as srg_control when last beat is in SRG. srg_control is a beat in SRG with keyword name "control" and reaction "'Oh yeah, it's a rush,' he says, eyes wide, hands spread, 'just turn off your brain, turn down your worries, and let one of my [srg_clotheson]'s sweet voices come into your head and give you orders. Most walkers like it so much they don't wanna leave,' he adds with a grin.". srg_control suggests srg_clotheson. srg_control summons srg_clotheson.

Understand "super/fifteen" as srg_clotheson when last beat is in SRG. srg_clotheson is a beat in SRG with keyword name "[if last beat is srg_girls]fifteen[else if last beat is srg_control]super[else]yes" and reaction "'Hey, it's maker nature, friend, we all want it,' he says smoothly. 'I got the perfect super for you. [if Rume is male]He'll have you do some chores, fill out some paperwork, organize some clothes for him... maybe even chat a bit, but on his terms, walker, his terms. He'll[otherwise]She'll have you do some chores, fill out some paperwork, organize some clothes for her... maybe even chat a bit, but on her terms, walker, her terms. She'll[end if] tell you exactly what to do, and you'll do it. Just what you need. Ten for an hour, last offer. You in?'". srg_clotheson summons srg_rejected. Instead of saying no when last beat is srg_girls, force discuss srg_rejected. srg_clotheson suggests srg_rejected.

Instead of saying yes when last beat is in SRG, force discuss srg_nomoney. Instead of giving a coin to the pimp, force discuss srg_nomoney. Understand "pay [pimp]" as a mistake ("[tryforcenomoney]"). To say tryforcenomoney: force discuss srg_nomoney.

srg_nomoney is a beat in SRG with reaction "You pull out your [if player holds at least two coins]coins[else if player holds at least one coin]coin[otherwise]pockets[end if] and the man's expression turns sour. 'Don't play me, uniform,' he says, 'I know you got way more than that buttoned up in that fancy jacket. I told you my final price. Now either pay up or get out.' He scowls at you.". srg_nomoney suggests srg_rejected. srg_rejected replaces srg_nomoney. srg_nomoney cancels srg_rejected.

Instead of greeting the pimp when we have discussed srg_rejected or we have discussed srg_nomoney: force discuss srg_rejected2. srg_rejected2 is a terminal beat in SRG with reaction "'Get out of here, walker,' he says, spitting, 'stop wasting my time.'". Instead of vague discussing when pimp is enclosed by location, say "You expect he's only interested in talking about one thing.".

Before exiting when pimp is attentive: force discuss srg_rejected; continue the action.

Instead of attacking the pimp: say "You move to attack the man but he suddenly pulls out a stubby chalk-white device from his jacket that looks suspiciously like a gun, and aims it at you.[paragraph break]'Beat it, walker,' he says calmly. 'Now. And I better not see you come back to my street again.' Nervously, you back out of the alley."; remove pimp from play; try retreating. Instead of going inside when location is Room3 and pimp is off-stage: say "You better not risk going back down there alone.".

srg_payfirst is an ephemeral beat in SRG with reaction "'Hey walker,' the man says in anger. 'You pay me first before you go in there.'".