Blue Lacuna — 457 of 475

Aaron A. Reed

Release 4

Section - The Oratorium

To say a sentence about a rebelcity room: say "[one of]A hot wind blows down the street, loose papers and flecks of debris swirling in its wake[or]Lines of laundry stretch from building to building across dim cramped alleyways[or]Chalk drawings run down the sidewalk[or]The buildings here are covered with inscrutable graffiti[or]Tiny well-tended flowerpots fill the windows of the endless row houses[in random order]".

Room1 is a rebelcity-room. The description of Room1 is "A large civic building adjoins the street here, fading letters inscribed above its high doorways: 'CITY ORATORIUM.' A printed [o]notice[x] stands near the doorway leading [d]in[x]. [paragraph break][exits].".

The printed notice is a setpiece in Room1. The description is "The notice is set in a heavy, official typeface. It reads as follows:

---------------------[line break]

Schedule of Discussions for the CITY ORATORIUM

TO-DAY[line break]

Closed for cleaning

TO-MORROW[line break]

Hour the 1st -- Builder Strongarm -- 'Is Beauty Definable?'[line break]

Hour the 2nd -- Planter Feathertouch -- 'Dealing with Authority Addiction'[line break]

Hour the 3rd -- Builder Longleg -- 'How should we better prepare for a greeneyes attack?'[line break]

Hour the 4th -- Farmer Grace -- 'An Idea for Safer Electric Streetlights'[line break]

Hour the 5th -- Thinker Blackhair -- 'Nature of Man v. Beast, part 3'[line break]

Hour the 6th -- Planter Thinblood -- 'Should we form a committee opposed to tree sympathizers?'[line break]

Hour the 7th -- CANCELLED -- Curfew[line break]

Hour the 8th -- CANCELLED -- Curfew[line break]

Hour the 9th -- CANCELLED -- Curfew

Orators will please yield the floor at the end of the assigned hour and move your discussions to the foyer. Requests for usage must be received at City Office by Hour the 3rd the day prior to your discussion.[line break]


Instead of going inside when location is Room1, say "The large doors are barred shut. Peering inside, you can see a large circular amphitheater, surrounded by empty benches, empty save for a few cleaners and their supplies.".

The Oratorium is a minor setpiece in Room1. Understand "building/large/civic/doorway/doorways/door" as the Oratorium. The description is "The building looks old, yet grand.". Instead of entering or opening Oratorium, try going inside. First instead of vague knocking when location is Room1: say "You knock on the heavy stone doors, but there is no response." instead. Does the player mean doing something to Oratorium: it is likely.