Blue Lacuna — 434 of 467

Aaron A. Reed

Release 4

Chapter - Misbehaving

Lacunite-Follower has a number called rap sheet.

Getting Treerested is a scene. Getting Treerested begins when the rap sheet of Lacunite-Follower >= 5. When Getting Treerested begins: say "Within moments, a group of red-robed people surrounds you and gently but firmly restrains you.[paragraph break]'You must be having trouble controlling the actions of this body,' one of them says to you with concern. 'Perhaps the Thinkers have not understood your mind as well as they thought. We will escore you to the Philosopher[unless gp_intro is spoken] for your audience[end unless].' They firmly take hold of you and propel you up the avenue towards the huge windsigh at its top, and take you inside."; print a section break; move Lacunite-Follower to Great Tree Interior. Getting Treerested ends when location is Great Tree Interior.

Instead of going or exiting or landmark-going when location is Great Tree Interior and the rap sheet of Lacunite-Follower >= 5: say "A group of red-robed figures stand just outside the tree and bar your way. 'When you are ready to leave,' one says, 'simply close your eyes and your senses will be returned to Lacuna.'".