Blue Lacuna — 435 of 467

Aaron A. Reed

Release 4

Section - Overlook

Overlook is a room in Plateau. The landmark name of Overlook is "the forest [d]overlook[x]". The printed name of Overlook is "Great Forest Overlook".

The description of Overlook is "[if unvisited]...and a moment later lower it, blinking in unexpected brightness and a rich smell of earth and leaves.

[end if]You [if unvisited]kneel[otherwise]stand[end if] on a curved platform jutting out over a cliff, overlooking a vast [o]forest[x] of windsigh that stretches to the horizon in every direction. A huge red-gold [o]sun[x] burns near the horizon, throwing brilliant reflections off the hundreds of streams winding through the forest and illuminating millions of leaves, in this light more gold than lemon-yellow. [paragraph break][exits][gfodesc2].". To say gfodesc2: say "[if unvisited].[paragraph break]Shaking off vertigo, you rise to your feet. As you do, an earth-covered [o]spade[x] slips from your hand[end if]". Understand "path" or "around" as northwest when location is Overlook. The exits text of Overlook is "A well-kept path curves [d]around[x] the edge of the cliff".

Some viney plants are a prop in Overlook. Understand "vine" or "vines" or "ivy" as the plants. Understand "soil" or "earth" as the viney plants. The initial appearance of the plants is "On the ground are some carefully tended vines and a few simple gardening tools." The description of the plants is "Ivy-like, with long skinny leaves fading slowly from green to reddish gold. The patch runs along the edge of the platform, immaculately tended." Instead of taking the plants, say "You see no reason to rip them from the ground."

A spade is an undescribed thing in Overlook. "An earth-stained garden spade lies on the ground." The description of the spade is "The spade is a simple tool, worn from use and stained with fresh, damp earth." After taking spade: say "You pick it up." instead; now spade is described. Instead of smelling the spade, say "The soil smells rich, almost heady." Instead of touching the spade, say "The damp soil feels thick and crumbly under your fingertips." Understand "garden spade" as spade. Check remembering a spade: say "It's gone. Some efficient gardener must have picked it up." instead.

The overlook vista is a backdrop in Overlook. Understand "forest" or "trees" or "streams" or "leaves" as the vista. The description is "The vista is spectacular in the light of the sinking sun. As you study the landscape, you realize that the design and layout is not wholly random; the placements of the streams, the position of the trees is more ordered, more formal than a forest grown without conscious intervention would be."

The huge red-gold sun is a backdrop. It is in Treeworld. The description is "The star seems much larger and yet dimmer than the one on Lacuna; you can almost look directly at it. Distant clouds passing before it near the horizon emphasize its massive bulk; the reddish-gold light pouring from it is spectacular."

Report going from Overlook to Top of Spire: say "You walk along the path around the edge of the boulder, bringing the top of a forested plateau into view."