Blue Lacuna — 431 of 467

Aaron A. Reed

Release 4

Chapter - Ambience

The ambience table of Plateau is the Table of Treeworld Ambience.

Table of Treeworld Ambience

freqstart timeend timetexttabletriggerflag
uncommon------Table of Butterfly Ambiencebutterfly
uncommon----"[one of]Wind gusts through the forest, sending rippling currents like living creatures through the branches.[or]Leaves swirl in tiny eddies as a hot breeze stirs them up.[or]Harmonic tones in varying pitches sound all around you as a breeze gusts over the plateau.[in random order]"
uncommon----"[one of]Ghost thoughts tug at your mind, whispers of half-heard ideas and dreams.[or]For a moment, you can sense ripples of thought rolling through the forest, slow, but inexorable-- then the sensation passes.[or]Looming somewhere nearby is the presence of an enormous mind. You can feel it, even from this distance.[in random order]"
uncommon----"[one of]Somewhere through the trees is the faint sound of shears.[or]Through the trees you catch a glimpse of a group of red-robed figures, gliding with measured grace along a path.[or]From some faint distance, you think you catch an echo of children's laughter.[in random order]"

Table of Butterfly Ambience

guaranteed"[one of]Wings spread wide, a huge yellow butterfly drifts by, hardly flapping as it floats on updrafts[or]Two huge yellow butterflies flap gently by, on their way somewhere in the forest[or]A large yellow butterfly alights delicately on a tree branch, fanning its wings majestically[or]In the sky above you, a flock of huge butterflies drift in the breeze, the red sun lighting up their thin wings like lanterns[in random order]."--butterfly

A butterfly is a minor set dressing. The description is "Its wingspan is as wide across as your torso, and the wings are thin and delicate."