Blue Lacuna — 430 of 467

Aaron A. Reed

Release 4

Chapter - Views and Backdrop

Avenue South is a room.

The distant Philosopher is a backdrop. Understand "tree/tree9/gigantic/windsigh/withered/huge" as the distant Philosopher. The printed name is "[if Treeworld-Hivemind is named]Philosopher[otherwise]huge windsigh at the top of the ridge[end if]". The distant Philosopher is in Top of Spire, Reflecting Pool, Avenue South, Mural Center, and Avenue North. The description is "The windsigh is massive, far, far larger than any you saw on Lacuna. A great set of sweeping stone steps, huge twisted roots running down and around them, runs up to a portal at its base which seems to lead inside the mammoth trunk. The tree seems old, very old, but emanates an almost palpable sense of strength and power." Instead of climbing distant Philosopher: say "You aren't close enough.".

The brick pathways are a backdrop. Understand "pathway" or "path" or "paths" or "well-tended" or "road" or "brick" or "bricks" as the pathways. The pathways are in Reflecting Pool, Avenue South, Outside the Dome, Among the Huts, Ancient Temple, Avenue North, and Nursery. The description is "Made of small rounded bricks, ranging in shade between yellow and pink." After touching the pathways, say "Near the center of the path, the warm bricks are rubbed smooth by generations of feet."