Blue Lacuna — 413 of 467

Aaron A. Reed

Release 4

Section - Presence Convo 6

dream6-presence is a dream presence in Dream6Nexus. The icebreaker of dream6-presence is d6_icebreaker.

SixthDT is a thread.

d6_icebreaker is an exciting repeatable beat in SixthDT with reaction "[d_attention].". d6_icebreaker summons d6_1. d6_icebreaker suggests d6_icebreaker. d6_1 replaces d6_icebreaker.

Understand "mind/minds/presence/presences" as d6_1 when last beat is in SixthDT. d6_1 is a beat in SixthDT with reaction "You sense a growing rise of finality, of importance. They are almost completely tuned to you now. They are ready to explain the most complex part of their story to you.". d6_1 suggests d6_2. d6_2 replaces d6_1.

d6_2 is a beat in SixthDT with reaction "A new concept gathers in your mind, difficult, but at last you begin to grasp it. The minds have told you of their great civilization. But they are only half of it. They are symbionts, partners, with another species. Another species, you finally realize, like yourself.". d6_2 suggests d6_3. d6_3 replaces d6_2.

d6_3 is a beat in SixthDT with reaction "The minds exist in a world of pure abstract thoughts. But their partners, creatures with arms and legs and eyes and ears, exist in the physical world. Together, both species have achieved greatness; great thinkers and great doers, brought together.". d6_3 suggests d6_4. d6_4 replaces d6_3.

d6_4 is a beat in SixthDT with reaction "Together, they set out to colonize the stars. But on this world there was an accident. Their symbiont race died in a disaster, leaving only the minds, trapped without eyes or hands or feet, with no way to carry on the great mission their homeworld expected of them, to spread their civilization across this world and make of it a new home. Trapped.[paragraph break]Trapped in trees.". d6_4 suggests d6_5. d6_5 replaces d6_4.

d6_5 is a terminal beat in SixthDT with reaction "An image of the windsigh you sleep under forms in your mind, potent and intense, and you realize that this is one of the minds you've been speaking with. Within each windsigh tree is a mind, divorced from external sensation but connected through the device on the top of the mountain to their brothers on their homeworld. Connected, but impotent, powerless to affect the world around them, without their symbiont race to do things, move things, build things.[paragraph break]There is only one more of them to find. And when you do, the mental tuning will be complete.[paragraph break]The minds-- the trees-- fade away, leaving behind only a faint glow of satisfaction... and anticipation.".