Blue Lacuna — 412 of 467

Aaron A. Reed

Release 4

Section - Nexus 6

Dream6Nexus is a nexus-room in Dreamlands. The printed name is "at the bottom of the sea". The description of Dream6Nexus is "Deep blue water surrounds you in all directions. Faint shafts of distant sunlight darkle particles caught in the indistinct surge and ebb of undersea currents. Huge sea creatures swim through the void around you, distant enough to be more phantasm than physical reality, close enough to make you ever so slightly unnerved.[paragraph break]A huge, twisting column of [o]silt[x] rises from the unseen ocean floor below, twisting and swirling, disturbed perhaps by one of the massive creatures[if d6-shell is enclosed by location or d6-shell is enclosed by player].[paragraph break]A beautiful [o]seashell[x], pearl white with intricate bumps and whorls spiraling into a delicate interior, floats nearby, emitting a strange tone[end if].".

Dream6Nexus-stuff is stuff in Dream6Nexus. Understand "water/shafts/sunlight/particles/surge/ebb/currents/void/phantasm" as Dream6Nexus-stuff when location is Dream6Nexus.

A huge column of silt is an undescribed setpiece in Dream6Nexus. The description is "The silt billows and sways like summer clouds, the twisted shape a product of inconceivably complex forces and equations-- fluid dynamics, buoyancy, gravity, centripetal and chemical and electromagnetic forces, that it seems almost a miracle its evolving shape is so graceful, so peaceful. Your mind sees strange forms in the patterns: [remembered thing] and [remembered thing][if d6-portal-trigger is on-stage]. Yet somewhere deeper in the dark [d]interior[x] of the column, something strange and massive stirs, some swirling image you cannot quite focus on[end if].".

d6-portal-trigger is part of silt. Understand "interior" as d6-portal-trigger when location is Dream6Nexus. Instead of examining d6-portal-trigger: say "You swim towards the great pillar of silty water, or strange chaotic patterns billow it towards you, and within a moment the cloud has surrounded you, millions of particles of ancient sea bottom passing over and through you, rubbing you smooth...[paragraph break]{(*smooth*)}[line break]"; begin-flashback-sequence; remove d6-portal-trigger from play.

Some huge sea creatures are an undescribed animal in Dream6Nexus. Understand "creature/monster" as sea creatures when location is Dream6Nexus. The description is "They are mere shadows in the infinite deep of the ocean, black on blue-black smudges, distant and unreal.". Instead of doing anything other than examining or examining by name huge sea creatures, try examining huge sea creatures.

First Instead of going nowhere when location is Dream6Nexus: try vague swimming. Instead of vague swimming when location is Dream6Nexus and dream-door-locked is true: say "You paddle and stroke against the thick water, but your movements are ineffectual, and you seem to make no progress in any direction.". Instead of vague swimming when location is Dream6Nexus: say "You kick forward, struggling against a sudden terrible realization that whatever force suspended your need for air has vanished now, if it ever existed. A fire grows slowly in your lungs, but you cannot seem to pull any closer to the source of the distant shafts of sunlight; the billowing bulk of the sea creatures or the obscuring column of silt eclipses your view of the surface, and you are sure you are about to drown...[paragraph break]With a sudden gasp, you break the surface of your dream and open your eyes."; wake up now.