Blue Lacuna — 414 of 467

Aaron A. Reed

Release 4

Section - Rebel Convo 6

A d6-shell is an undescribed thing. Understand "shell/seashell" or "sea shell" as d6-shell when location is Dream6Nexus. The printed name is "seashell". Every turn when location is Dream6Nexus and d6-shell is off-stage and we have discussed d6_5 and conversation fuse >= 1 and yourself is asleep and active presence is not in location and rc6_1 is unspoken: move d6-shell to Dream6Nexus; say "A beautiful spiral [o]seashell[x] floats past in the current.". [When taking, trees are suppressed.] The description is "The shell is a thing of beauty, perfectly shaped and textured. It floats near your hand[if rc6_1 is unspoken], the odd, high-pitched tone seeming to come from its interior[end if].". Instead of listening when location is Dream6Nexus and d6-shell is enclosed by location and d6-shell is not held, try taking d6-shell. Instead of listening to d6-shell, try taking d6-shell. First Report taking d6-shell: move reb-6 to location; now reb-6 is attentive; now last beat is rc6_0; say "You grab the shell and hold it to your ear. The strange tone grows in volume as you do so, until, just as the bumpy shell touches your ear, it dies, giving way to a remarkably clear voice-- reedy and familiar." instead. First report dropping d6-shell: if rc6_5 is spoken, remove d6-shell from play; say "You release the shell, and it slips away into the blue void around you." instead. Instead of dropping d6-shell when reb-6 is in location: say "You should wait until the conversation is over.". Instead of examining d6-portal-trigger when reb-6 is in location: say "You should wait until the conversation is over." Instead of listening to d6-shell when reb-6 is in location: say "You keep the shell held to your ear, listening intently.". Instead of listening to d6-shell when rc6_5 is spoken, say "All you hear now is the sound of the ocean.".

reb-6 is an undescribed person with printed name "voice". Understand "voice/man/woman" as reb-6. Instead of saying farewell to reb-6: say "You can't seem to speak.".

RC6 is a thread. rc6_0 is an exciting beat in RC6. rc6_0 suggests rc6_1.

Instead of exhausting when last beat is in RC6: force discuss rc6_exhaust instead. rc6_exhaust is an ephemeral repeatable beat in RC6 with reaction "Only air bubbles come out from your mouth.".

rc6_1 is a beat in RC6 with reaction "'I've been instructed,' the [if player is female]wo[end if]man's voice says dryly, 'to be less casual with you, to-- how was it put? Make better use of [t]government[x] time. Apologies. Perhaps a less cynical and opinionated [t]scientist[x] can be found to make future breakthroughs. I shall come straight to the point.'". rc6_1 suggests rc6_2. rc6_1 summons rc6_canthear.

Understand "government/scientist" as rc6_canthear when last beat is in RC6. rc6_canthear is a beat in RC6 with keyword name "government and scientist" and reaction "You open your mouth to respond, but all that comes out is bubbles, expanding silver spheres which rise and fade into the blue distance.[paragraph break]'Hmm,' the voice says, 'I'm not receiving you. Looks like the Beast is playing tricks with the uplink seiver again. Never mind, this will have to be one-way only. Please listen.'". rc6_canthear enqueues rc6_2.

rc6_2 is a beat in rc6 with reaction "[if guessed_trees is true]'They've told you who they are now, even though you'd already guessed, of course[otherwise]'You know who they are now[end if], so I can explain who we are as well. Long overdue, from your perspective, I'm sure. Bear with me.'[paragraph break]'We are the symbionts, you see. Their other halves. At least a few of them. Strange cosmic irony: our world is like a mirror image of your Lacuna, for here, when the seed ship crashed, it was the trees, the windsigh who died, while the people survived.'". rc6_2 suggests rc6_3.

rc6_3 is a beat in rc6 with reaction "'And so for the first time in our race's history, we had to think for ourselves, step away from the protective shell, the fog of false kinship that had clouded our minds. We saw we had been used. And we wish for all our brothers and sisters, still serving their blind masters, to see now what we do.'[paragraph break]A chuckle. 'Oh, how noble, how heroic. Dripping with pathos. I should have been a speechwriter.'". rc6_3 suggests rc6_4.

rc6_4 is a beat in rc6 with reaction "'A nervous tech is already pointing at the clock,' the voice says quickly, 'but one last thing. I tend to think it's your own business, but higher-ups higher than I have requested, or perhaps demanded is a better term, that I ask. You can just nod [rc6_yes] or shake your head [rc6_no], we've still got the kinesthetic feed running. Here it is: have you told them that we've been contacting you?'". The yes-beat of rc6_4 is rc6_yes. The maybe-beat of rc6_4 is rc6_yes. The no-beat of rc6_4 is rc6_no. rc6_4 suggests rc6_yes.

rc6_yes is a beat in rc6 with keyword name "yes" and reaction "'Oh dear,' the voice says, and you hear what sounds like fingers drumming on a metal surface. 'Well, that explains the difficulties with the feed, I suppose. They know so much more about the network than us. Hopefully the mindlisteners still have a few tricks up their sleeves...'". rc6_yes enqueues rc6_5.

rc6_no is a beat in rc6 with keyword name "no" and reaction "'Good,' the voice says, 'that will make my superiors happy, I suppose.'". rc6_no enqueues rc6_5.

rc6_5 is a beat in rc6 with reaction "'They've almost finished with their calibration,' the voice says quickly, 'and so have we. The next time we speak we'll be ready to a---'[paragraph break]The voice cuts off mid-word, and all you can hear from the shell now is the sound of the sea.". After discussing rc6_5: remove reb-6 from play; now reb-6 is idle; continue the action.