Blue Lacuna — 385 of 467

Aaron A. Reed

Release 4

Volume - Dreams

Book - Not for release

Understand "dtrack" as dtracking. Dtracking is an action out of world applying to nothing.

Carry out dtracking:

if dream-window is g-present, shut down dream-window;

otherwise open up dream-window.

The dream-window is a g-window with type g-text-buffer. The main-window spawns the dream-window. The position of the dream-window is g-placeabove. The scale method of dream-window is g-fixed-size. The measurement of the dream-window is 5.

Before reading a command when dream-window is g-present: follow the draw dw rule.

This is the draw dw rule:

move focus to dream-window, clearing the window;

let lucky be a random windsigh tree in saved location;

if lucky is not a thing and saved location is Saddle, let lucky be tree3;

if lucky is not a thing and saved location is Treehouse, let lucky be tree2;

say "player: [if player is asleep]asleep[else]awake[end if] / contctd. trees: [the number of contacted windsigh trees] / psuedo: [if pseudo-dream is 1]yes[else]no[end if] / tree: [location of lucky] ([if lucky is contacted]contacted[else]uncontacted[end if])[line break]";

say "act. pres.: [if active presence is dream1-presence]1[else if active presence is dream2-presence]2[else if active presence is dream3-presence]3[else if active presence is dream4-presence]4[else if active presence is dream5-presence]5[else if active presence is dream6-presence]6[else if active presence is dream7-presence]7[else][active presence][end if]";

say " ([if active presence is enclosed by location]here[else]gone[end if] & [if active presence is attentive]attentive[else]idle[end if]) / last beat: [last beat] / saved lb: [saved last beat][line break]";

say "door locked: [if dream-door-locked is true]yes[else]no[end if] / esc track: [escape tracker] ";

return to main screen.