Blue Lacuna — 372 of 467

Aaron A. Reed

Release 4

Chapter - Clean My Beach

Clean My Beach is a frequent serendipitous episode. The icebreaker is cmb_intro.

CMB is a thread. cmb_intro is a beat in cmb with reaction "'My beach, my beach,' Progue mutters, staring past you, out the door. 'Without my vigilence it's become a mess.'[paragraph break]He peers up at you intently. '[if submission of Progue > 0]Would you clean it for me?[otherwise]Clean it for me[end if],' he says.". cmb_intro summons cmb_yes, cmb_cant, cmb_wont. The yes-beat of cmb_intro is cmb_yes.

cmb_yes is an impressive terminal beat in CMB with reaction "He nods in [if submission of Progue > 0]surprise and gratitude[otherwise]acceptance[end if]. 'Good,' he says, 'far more important than dreams and pyramids and whatever and whatever. Tell me, tell me when you're finished.' He closes his eyes again.".

cmb_cant is an annoying terminal beat in CMB with reaction "He grunts, face falling in disappointment. 'Then it's over,' he says, 'the beach will never be-- not again, can't--' he struggles for words, then gives up, shrugging. 'Our own choices,' he mutters.'".

cmb_wont is an annoying unaffinitive submissive terminal beat in CMB with reaction "He looks up at you angriy. 'Don't understand,' he says, 'doing wrong... the beach is what's important, what's important...' He turns away. 'Go then and go. And go and go.'".