Blue Lacuna — 371 of 467

Aaron A. Reed

Release 4

Chapter - Guess I'm Awake Now

[When the player first returns to check on Progue after the near-drowning, this conversation ensues. We can get a sense of how much of what he did was suicidal. Perhaps even revealling that he intended to commit suicide even before you arrived. Tempered by explanations vis a vis the various archetypes. ]

Guess I'm Awake Now is a serendipitous guaranteed triggered episode. The icebreaker is gian_intro0. The subchange beat is silence. The boredom beat is silence. The bye beat is silence. The abruptbye beat is silence.

First condition for Guess I'm Awake Now:

if location is Hut, rule succeeds.

A commencement rule for Guess I'm Awake Now:

now the animus of Progue is convalescing;

now conversation fuse is 5. [so we'll start immediately.]

A finishing rule for Guess I'm Awake Now:

if location is not regionally in Lacuna and location is not regionally in Dreamlands, rule succeeds.[In case this gets stuck, make sure it ends when we visit subworlds.]

A completion rule for Guess I'm Awake Now:

Progue starts resting.

Check going when location is Hut and the psyche of Progue is emotional and Progue is enclosed by location and gian_intro0 is unspoken and gian_check is 0: now gian_check is 1; say "It looks like Progue is about to wake up." instead. gian_check is a number that varies. [ If players leave the room on their first move after rescuing Progue, this scene never gets triggered. ]

GIAN is a thread. gian_intro0 is an insistent beat in gian with reaction "Progue coughs and stirs, blinking his eyes blearily, unable to focus them.[paragraph break]'[']sat you? Tama? Who's--?' he trails off uncertainly, looking up with blearily unfocused eyes. He tries to say something else but coughs weakly.". gian_intro0 suggests gian_intro.

gian_intro is an insistent beat in gian with reaction "It is long moments before he recovers himself enough to talk.[paragraph break]'Ehh, nevermine who,' he mutters vaguely, running a hand through his thinning hair, 'not, not who, do... what's in matters is, do I trust you, eh?'". The yes-beat of gian_intro is gian_trustyes. The no-beat of gian_intro is gian_trustno. gian_intro suggests gian_trustyes.

gian_trustyes is a beat in gian with keyword name "yes" and reaction "He grunts. 'Fine oh well then. Fine fine. Have to tell. Thing, some-- [gian_memories] came rolling and reaping in the dark last, so many memories, in the-- and I membered, membered it all and every and what I'd and why they-- my [gian_girls]--' He trails off, tears forming in his eyes.". gian_trustyes suggests gian_memories.

Understand "girls" as gian_girls when last beat is in gian. gian_girls is a beat in gian with keyword name "girls" and reaction "'What I remembered I remembered,' he says, 'I remember now why they left. I left. Because. I left them. I left them three times. When we came here, one, grieving, not seeing them; the dreams, the plans, two, not watching over them, and; three, three, at the end, when I couldn't decide, couldn't make the-- and slipped through grim morosities, and lived mad while they lived, until they left, left, left...' He squeezes his eyes painfully shut, and swallows.". gian_girls suggests gian_memories.

gian_trustno is a beat in gian with keyword name "no" and reaction "He squints his eyes, staring up at you suspiciously. 'Aha then,' he says, 'then I won't tell you, tell you, alone then I'll just have my [gian_memories], memories, of me and the [gian_girls] and memories and me...' He trails off, looking lost, out the brightness of the open door towards the sea.". gian_trustno suggests gian_memories.

Understand "memories" as gian_memories when last beat is in gian. gian_memories is a beat in gian with keyword name "memories" and reaction "'And membered I'd membered before,' he goes on, 'and membered and lost and membered and lost but each but this time, this time-- and the [gian_rayfish], they came back, back to the bay, again again-- but so far, they-- so much farther out than before, I could hardly barely see-- almost-- and [gian_swam] out to-- so far--' He raises a hand as if to point, then lets it fall back into his lap bonelessly.". gian_memories suggests gian_nexus. gian_nexus replaces gian_memories.

Understand "swam" as gian_swam when last beat is in gian. gian_Swam is a beat in gian with keyword name "swam" and reaction "'Swim swam swim swam,' he mutters, eyes flitting closed, 'swim swim away.'". gian_swam enqueues gian_nexus.

Understand "jellyfish" as gian_Rayfish when last beat is in gian. gian_rayfish is a beat in gian with keyword name "jellyfish" and reaction "'So pretty, and didn't I promise? But then and no no no, it was before long befores I wanted to swim with them, wasn't it? Wasn't-- don't know, don't member, remember...' He slumps back, blinking slowly, lost in himself.". gian_rayfish suggests gian_nexus.

gian_nexus is a repeatable beat in gian. gian_nexus enqueues gian_like.

Before discussing gian_nexus:

if paternalism of Progue >= 2:

now gian_nexus enqueues gian_paternal;

if romance of Progue >= 3:

now gian_nexus enqueues gian_romance;

else if romance of Progue < 0:

now gian_nexus enqueues gian_bitterromance;

else if affinity of Progue < -2:

now gian_nexus enqueues gian_dontlike;

else if submission of Progue >= 3:

now gian_nexus enqueues gian_submission;

else if submission of Progue <= -3:

now gian_nexus enqueues gian_unsub;

continue the action.

To say giantrust:

say "He focuses on you again. ";

if gian_trustyes is spoken:

Progue likes you more, silently;

say "'Right, you're right do, I do trust you,' he says. ";


say "'You, you were wrong-- I do trust you,' he says. ".

To say giandonttrust:

say "He focuses on you again, frowning. ";

if gian_trustyes is spoken:

Progue likes you less, silently;

say "'Liaring,' he says angrily, 'I don't, don't trust you. Tricked me. Of you. Typical.' He coughs. ";


Progue likes you more, silently;

say "'Right,' he says, 'right, you were right. I don't trust, trust you.' He coughs. ".

gian_paternal is a beat in gian with reaction "[giantrust]'Lethe,' he adds, then frowns. 'No no no-- not Lethe but something more the same, more the same-- my could be [if player is female]daughter[otherwise]son[end if] maybe in other realdoms, separate beings--'.". gian_paternal enqueues gian_goodtimes.

gian_romance is a beat in gian with reaction "[giantrust]'You're the one, the, who showed me again what-- love, never thought I'd--' he trails off, coughing again.'". gian_romance enqueues gian_goodtimes.

gian_bitterromance is a beat in gian with reaction "[giandonttrust]'Thought mayhaps you'd show me, remember, something I'd, this was lost. Love. But you're just the same. False as blue pigs, heartbreak, frayed lifelines--' he trails off, coughing again.". gian_bitterromance enqueues gian_goodtimes.

gian_dontlike is a beat in gian with reaction "[giandonttrust]'[if affinity of Progue < -5]No friend of mine, you, wayloper, interfarer, unwanted, unkindnesses and cruelty[otherwise]We, me, not the same as you, too different, don't get along, along[end if].' He swallows. '[if episodic status of Rayfish Suicide is failed]Left me to drown, drown down there in the sea. Bastard. You should drown, you should down, murderer, murderer[otherwise if Progue Rescue ended unsuccessfully]Left me to die, dry land sinks under waves, that night you saw and turned your back on me, bastard. Should have let you drown, down, fall, sink[otherwise]Haven't tried to kill me at least I suppose so far so, well oh, points in your favor[end if]...'". gian_dontlike enqueues gian_goodtimes.

gian_submission is a beat in gian with reaction "[giantrust]'You're the one who came and told and led and made me, what to do. You know best now, no, best is best and you're the one who does and I'm the one who doesn't...'". gian_submission enqueues gian_goodtimes.

gian_unsub is a beat in gian with reaction "[if affinity of Progue > 0][giantrust][else][giandonttrust][end if]'You need me you do, don't know where to what to how to without me, always asking for help, what will you, must get well to tell you, show you what must be, be done.'". gian_unsub enqueues gian_goodtimes.

gian_like is a beat in gian with reaction "[giantrust]'You're a friend, thoughts alike or something thatwise. Before and before you came I thought I'd never make another. Friend. Another friend.'". gian_like enqueues gian_goodtimes. gian_goodtimes replaces gian_like.

gian_goodtimes is a beat in gian with reaction "'[if Word Day is successful]That [time-wd-started] we met on Word Day by the boulders[otherwise]day we met[end if], you appearing from the blue lacuna, [giangtnm]and I found my name and lost the Creeper, [if cc_1 is spoken]first question first[otherwise if cc_2 is spoken]second question first[otherwise]third question first[end if], [giangt2]". gian_goodtimes suggests gian_outtro. gian_outtro replaces gian_goodtimes.

To say giangt2:

if cc_all3 is unspoken, say "and first a [if cc_sculptor is spoken]sculptor[otherwise if cc_father is spoken]father[otherwise]madman, ha[end if], first and always and always";

else say "and a father and sculptor and madman at once";

let happenings be the list of verbosely described completed episodes;

sort happenings in random order;

truncate happenings to 3 entries;

say ", [happenings]";

say "...'[paragraph break]'You brought me back from wheres and somes but not far, far enough, far enough...'".

Rule for printing the name of an episode (called ep) when current episode is Guess I'm Awake Now: say summary of ep.

To say giangtnm: if player-name-guess is not "no.guess", say "and how you remembered my name, not [player-name-guess] but Progue, Progue, Progue, ".

gian_outtro is a terminal beat in gian with reaction "He focuses on you again. 'Couldn't decide,' he says, 'in the end in the end in the end. What drove me. And them away, Lethe, Phoebe. The decision, I could never, never...'[paragraph break]He shakes his head, and seems to want to say more, but cannot get any words out. Finally he shudders and closes his eyes again. At long last he murmurs, 'Only the past answers now. There's a secret ink, a special secret ink I made from the rayfish. Glows when heated, glows when touched. Look for the writings, scrawlings about and around and aroundabout, and touch them at night, under the stars-- new words will glow, like the rayfish, like the rayfish-- all of all my answers.'[paragraph break]He sinks back into his bedding, cold sweat beading on his forehead. 'You now,' he says, eyes closed, 'finish, finish what I-- or go, wayfare on away, away...'[paragraph break]Murmuring under his breath, he slowly slips back into uneasy sleep."