Blue Lacuna — 365 of 467

Aaron A. Reed

Release 4

Chapter - Reward Scenes

Section - Used To Bring Me

[A paternal episode.]

[Dialogue only. "Have you found them? DId you like them? Ah, just like Lethe." Then bringing them back in the basket is just a bonus.]

Used To Bring Me is a serendipitous triggered common episode. The icebreaker is utbm_intro. The subchange beat is silence. The boredom beat is silence. The bye beat is silence. The abruptbye beat is silence.

Last condition for Used To Bring Me:

if paternalism of Progue > 0, rule succeeds.

UTBM is a thread. utbm_intro is a beat in utbm with reaction "Progue looks up with a start, then relaxes[if affinity of Progue > 0], smiling[end if]. 'Startled,' he says. 'Still not used to seeing other people on my beach. [if affinity of Progue < 0]But I suppose as long as you aren't meddling with anything it's alright. [end if]How do things go with you? Still exploring? Got lost in the rain [utbm_forest] yet?'".

Understand "forest/yes" as utbm_forest when last beat is in utbm. utbm_forest is a beat in utbm with keyword name "forest" and reaction "'Gushing easy to do it in there,' he nods, a bit wistfully, 'great wet arboreal labyrinth. Years and fears since I saw it. There used to be great orange and red [utbm_fruits], insides brown and slimy as mud, but the seeds were sugar and sunlight mixed together... delicious delicious.' He smiles. 'One of the girls and I used to like them in particular. Lethe, I think it was. She used to bring them to me when I-- when I was sick. I'd forgotten that.'". utbm_forest suggests utbm_foundthem.

Understand "fruit/fruits" as utbm_fruits when last beat is in utbm. utbm_fruits is a beat in utbm with keyword name "fruits" and reaction "'Fantastic taste,' he says. 'Would love to taste them again but I don't think I'll ever go back over there. Too many lingering shadows and whispers.'". utbm_fruits enqueues utbm_foundthem.

utbm_foundthem is an insistent beat in utbm with reaction "'You've been traipsing about over therewards,' he says. 'Do they still grow over there? Have you seen them?'". The yes-beat of utbm_foundthem is utbm_fyes. The no-beat of utbm_foundthem is utbm_fno. utbm_foundthem summons utbm_fyes, utbm_fno. utbm_foundthem suggests utbm_no.

utbm_fyes is an insistent beat in utbm with keyword name "yes" and reaction "'Have you?' His eyes light up. 'Ah, that's good, that's good. And did you try them? Did you like them too?'". The yes-beat of utbm_fyes is utbm_fyes2. The no-beat of utbm_fyes is utbm_no. utbm_fyes summons utbm_fyes2, utbm_no. utbm_fyes suggests utbm_no.

utbm_fyes2 is a beat in utbm with keyword name "yes" and reaction "'Thought you would, [animal-nickname],' Progue says, beaming. 'Gushing well thought you would.'". utbm_fyes2 enqueues utbm_check.

utbm_fno is a beat in utbm with keyword name "no" and reaction "'Ah well-oh,' he says, 'not important I suppose. Just trickling curious.'". utbm_fno enqueues utbm_check.

utbm_check is an insistent beat in utbm with reaction "'I can't help think and thinking that something in you reminds me of Lethe,' he says, regarding you fondly.". The yes-beat of utbm_check is utbm_morepat. The no-beat of utbm_check is utbm_lesspat. utbm_check suggests utbm_neutral. utbm_check summons utbm_morepat, utbm_lesspat.

utbm_morepat is a paternal beat in utbm with keyword name "agree" and reaction "'Good,' he says, nodding, 'glad. Grand we agree. You'd lump into each other if ever you met, I'm sure as sure is sure.' He sighs. 'But now then, what did you want to talk about?'".

utbm_neutral is a beat in utbm with reaction "'At any courses, what were we talking about?' he says.". utbm_neutral cancels utbm_morepat, utbm_lesspan.

utbm_lesspat is an unpaternal beat in utbm with keyword name "disagree" and reaction "'Really now,' he says, musing. 'Hmm. Well and I suppose mayhaps I'm just missing them. Only natural I suppose. Sorries if it made you uncomft. Well and but what were we talking about?'".

[After discussing utbm_forest: the fruit-chance expires in 23 hours from now; continue the action. At the time when the fruit-chance expires: if utbm_gotem is unspoken begin; Progue feels less like a father; if drama manager is being debugged, say "// Drama: Progue feels less like a father (because fruit-chance expired)."; end if.][suspicious of times approaching 24 hours; unfair if player never triggers departure quest.]

[If the player is doing the departure quests, they have a basket with which they can carry fruits.]

utbm_gotem is a paternal beat in utbm with reaction "Progue spies your basket fill of the bulbous red-orange fruits and [if affinity of Progue > 0]lets out a little gasp of surprise. 'Oh, [animal-nickname], you brought me some! Just like my Lethe!' He picks up one of the ripe fruits and runs his fingers over its yielding surface in glee. 'L[else]frowns. 'You shouldn't be over there,' he says, 'it's dangerous. All those windsigh, and chasms and creatures...' But he picks one of the fruits up, running his fingers over its yielding surface with a twitch of a smile. 'Well, it's done. I suppose l[end if]et's open it up and try some of those seeds.'[paragraph break]Together, you break open the fruits and harvest the soft black seeds, popping them in your mouths as you go and enjoying the rich, sweet and nutty flavor. 'My worlds,' Progue says, mouth full, 'every and every as delicious as memories. Fantastic.'[paragraph break]When you've finished your feast, he claps a hand on your shoulder cheerfully. 'Kind of you to think of me,' he says. 'I'll remember it.'". utbm_gotem2 replaces utbm_gotem.

utbm_gotem2 is a repeatable beat in utbm with reaction "'More, eh?' Progue says, picking up the fruits from the basket and hefting them. 'Well and thanks. It'll become straight staples of the diet before much longering.'".

After discussing utbm_gotem: clean basket. After discussing utbm_gotem2: clean basket.

To clean basket:

remove basket from play;

now quantity of the basket is 0;

truncate harvested list of basket to 0 entries;

now actual contents of basket is nothing;

continue the action.