Blue Lacuna — 364 of 467

Aaron A. Reed

Release 4

Section - A Good Cry

[An unsubmissive scene.]

A Good Cry is a frequent serendipitous triggered episode. The icebreaker is agc_intro. The bye beat is agc_leave. The abruptbye beat is agc_leave. The subchange beat is agc_memory. The boredom beat is agc_memory.

Last condition for A Good Cry:

if the animus of Progue is ruminating, rule succeeds.

A completion rule for A Good Cry:

now dont-bug-progue is true;

now the activity counter of Progue is 0;

Progue is rebuggable in one hour from now.

At the time when Progue is rebuggable:

now dont-bug-progue is false.

dont-bug-progue is a truth state that varies.

Instead of greeting or discussing when dont-bug-progue is true and Progue is enclosed by location: say "You shouldn't disturb him now.".

AGC is a thread. agc_intro is a beat in AGC with reaction "As you draw nearer to Progue, you see that he is crying, silent tears collecting and running down his face.[paragraph break]'If you wouldn't mind, [animal-nickname],' he says, light but quiet, 'I'd like to be left alone for a span. This refinding your [agc_memory]'s not all spring and cheese.'". agc_intro summons agc_sorry, agc_bye.

Understand "sorry" as agc_sorry when last beat is in agc. agc_sorry is an unsubmissive terminal beat in agc with keyword name "sorry" and reaction "'No need for sorries,' he says with a touch of annoyance, 'you were just passing. Until, [if romance of Progue > 3]love[else if affinity of Progue > 0]friend[else]wayfarer[end if], until.'".

agc_bye is a beat with keyword name "bye". [We don't actually recognize this since "saying goodbye" captures it and routes it through the bye beat of the episode.]

agc_leave is a terminal beat in agc with reaction "You leave Progue to sort out his emotions.".

Understand "memory" as agc_memory when last beat is in agc. agc_memory is a dogged beat in agc with keyword name "memory" and reaction "'Past days swirl and jumble,' he mutters, 'pieces and bits of me breach in the storm, reactions pried loose from actions, [agc_intentions] riven from consequences. Please, please, let me alone now.'". agc_intentions replaces agc_memory.

Understand "intention/intentions" as agc_intentions when last beat is in agc. agc_intentions is a submissive terminal beat in agc with keyword name "intentions" and reaction "'Go away!' Progue shouts, jumping up and whirling on you angrily. 'I want and need and and will and have to be with only myself. I thought I asked already.' He sinks back down, rubbing his head. 'Mayhaps I didn't, mayhaps. Sorries, sorries. Please. Go now.' He closes his eyes.".