Blue Lacuna — 363 of 467

Aaron A. Reed

Release 4

Chapter - Attitude Adjusters

Section - Heading Up

[An affinitive ]

Heading Up is a guaranteed serendipitous triggered episode. The icebreaker is hu_intro. The subchange beat is silence. The bye beat is hu_no. The abruptbye beat is hu_no. The boredom beat is hu_no.

Last condition for Heading Up:

if the animus of Progue is resting, rule fails;

if location is not ledge, rule fails;

if Lawn is visited, rule succeeds.

HU is a thread. hu_intro is a beat in HU with reaction "Progue looks up at you, [if affinity of Progue < 0]distastefully[else]distracted[end if]. 'Going [if former location is North Marsh]up[else]down[end if]?' he asks. 'As long as you're on your way, would you mind [if former location is North Marsh]taking these [hu_flowers] up to the lawn for me[else]taking these empty konokuk [hu_shells] down to the marsh for me[end if]? Just drop them when you get there. [if former location is North Marsh]Sort of a memorial kind of thing[else]They'll wash right out at low tide[end if].' He holds them out with a hopeful grin.". The yes-beat of hu_intro is hu_yes. The no-beat of hu_intro is hu_no. hu_intro summons hu_yes, hu_no.

Understand "flowers" as hu_flowers when last beat is in HU. hu_flowers is a dogged beat in HU with keyword name "flowers" and reaction "'Just some wildflowers,' he says, gazing sadly down at the bouquet. 'Sort of a remembrance. The view up there's something extraordinary, eh? She would have liked it. Since you're going anyway-- could you?'".

Understand "shells" as hu_shells when last beat is in HU. hu_shells is a dogged beat in HU with keyword name "shells" and reaction "'Just a bit of garbage,' he says. 'I would just throw them off the edge but I wouldn't want to hit any of those precious little frogs. Since you're going anyway, could you?'".

hu_yes is an affinitive terminal beat in HU with keyword name "yes" and reaction "'Buckets of thanks,' he says with a smile, handing them to you, 'you're a friend.'". After discussing hu_yes: if former location is North Marsh, move bouquet to player; else move empty-shells to player; continue the action.

A bouquet is set dressing with printed name "bouquet of flowers". Understand "boquet/flower/flowers" or "boquet of flowers" or "bouquet of flowers" as bouquet. The description is "Just a handful of wildflowers." After going to Lawn when bouquet is held: say "Kneeling, you place the bouquet on the lawn."; move bouquet to Lawn; continue the action.

Some empty-shells are set dressing with printed name "empty konokuk shells". Understand "shell/shells/konokuk/empty" as empty-shells. The description is "Just a bunch of empty konokuk shells." After going to North Marsh when empty-shells are held: say "You chuck the empty konokuk shells into the marsh."; remove empty-shells from play; continue the action.

hu_no is an unaffinitive terminal beat in HU with keyword name "no" and reaction "[if affinity of Progue < 0]'No, I suppose you wouldn't,' he says, rolling his eyes. 'That case get off my ledge.'[else]He blinks in surprise. 'Well and all right then,' he says, lowering them, 'never and never mind.'[end if]".