Blue Lacuna — 362 of 467

Aaron A. Reed

Release 4

Chapter - Sleepover

[Sleepover is a guaranteed urgent episode. The icebreaker is stn_intro.

A condition for Sleepover:

if romance of Progue is at least 5 and

( evening or sunset or night ) and

exploring Progue's turf, rule succeeds.

STN is a thread. stn_intro is a beat in STN with reaction "{Progue invites you to Sleepover with him. This is interesting because you have to choose between [t]him[x] and more [t]dreams[x]. Which do you pick?}". stn_intro summons stn_him, stn_dreams.

Understand "him" as stn_him when last beat is in STN. stn_him is a terminal beat in STN with keyword name "him" and reaction "{Love scene.}". After discussing stn_him: now the time of day is 7:39 AM; move Progue to Ledge; now the animus of Progue is resting; now the activity counter of Progue is 5; move player to Ledge; continue the action.

Understand "dreams" as stn_dreams when last beat is in STN. stn_dreams is a terminal beat in STN with keyword name "dreams" and reaction "{Progue tells you you're being stupid for chasing those dangerous dreams at the expense of love. [if we chose art]You wonder to yourself if you're making the right decision[otherwise]You tell him that's always been how you roll[end if].}".