Blue Lacuna — 366 of 467

Aaron A. Reed

Release 4

Section - Fatherly Advice

Fatherly Advice is a guaranteed serendipitous triggered episode. The expiration date is 2 hours. The icebreaker is fa_intro. The boredom beat is fa_later. The bye beat is fa_later. The abruptbye beat is fa_no.

Last condition for Fatherly Advice:

if the affinity of Progue < 0, rule fails;

if animus of Progue is ruminating, rule succeeds.

A completion rule for Fatherly Advice:

if fa_no is spoken:

Progue's life goes on;

follow the Progue's motivation rule;


Progue's life goes on.

FA is a thread. fa_intro is a beat in fa with reaction "'Ah, just in the nick,' Progue says, coming over to you beaming. 'I know you must be terrible busy, things to do, sights to see all that, but if you can spare a handful of ments I have some advice I'd like to impart.'[paragraph break]He perches on the old piece of driftwood and pats the spot next to him. 'Take a [fa_sit],' he says, 'will just take a little while. Not more than hour, at most, I promise.'". fa_intro summons fa_no, fa_later. The no-beat of fa_intro is fa_no.fa_intro suggests fa_later.

Understand "seat" as fa_sit when last beat is in fa. fa_sit is a paternal beat in fa with keyword name "seat" and reaction "'Good [if player is male]lad[else]girl[end if],' Progue says happily as you sit next to him on the driftwood, 'splend and charm! This remembers me of the old days back home when Phoebe and Lethe would gather and gather for stories-- before Lacuna, you understand, this was back in the Nabe, the world they were born. Oh, such a precious house; I just remembered it this morning, a beautiful boathouse like almost all there were, or all were there, great oaken timbers and silk hammocks and a kitchen that you call cozy and mean it, if you ring, instead of just euphemizing. Oh, we four were happy there...'[paragraph break]And so on he goes, for well over an hour, in point of fact, eyes fixed on invisible pillars in a distant sky as he shares stories about that world of oceans and scholars, and eventually drifts back to further worlds, other lives he's lived on his long journey. Each new anecdote or detail seems to bring his face to life as if he's remembering them for the first time, and in a way you suppose he is. He only rarely seems to notice your presence but seems to find it a pleasant surprise when he does. And he never does come around to giving any [fa_advice], though as he finally reaches something like a conclusion you're not sure whether to bring that up or let it [fa_slide].". After discussing fa_sit: pass 85 minutes of time; now the abruptbye beat of Fatherly Advice is silence; now the bye beat of Fatherly Advice is fa_slide; continue the action. fa_sit cancels fa_later, fa_no.

Understand "advice" as fa_advice when last beat is in fa. fa_advice is a beat in fa with keyword name "advice" and reaction "'Oh! That! Yes of course!' he says, eyes opening wide in astonishment. 'And let's see here. It's tickling my brainwaves, just on the verge. Very important, I member and remember, gushing important advice. Hmm. Hmmmmm.' He scratches his beard furiously, looking distressed. 'Bats at noon,' he finally says, 'it's gone. Ah well-oh. Probably not really all that important I suppose. If it comes back I'll give you a yell!'". fa_advice enqueues fa_slide.

Understand "slide" as fa_slide when last beat is in fa. fa_slide is a terminal beat in fa with keyword name "slide" and reaction "He yawns, stretching 'Well and but thanks for listening anyway. Enjoy the [progue-time-of-day], er, well, what's left of it ratherly.'".

Understand "later" as fa_later when last beat is in fa. fa_later is an unpaternal terminal beat in fa with keyword name "later" and reaction "'Oh well oh,' he says, a look of mild disappointment on his face, 'just that I'd ratherly hoped to say it now since I'll most likewise have forgotten it by then. But no sorries, you go on with what you were doing; it can always wait.'".

fa_no is an unpaternal unaffinitive annoying terminal beat in fa with keyword name "no" and reaction "'Well and for life and strife, there's no need to be rude about it,' he says, drawing himself up a bit haughtily. 'I'm used to sharing my advice with the turtles and they certainly never complained. Fine and fine then; you go on about your very important business. I have things to do.'".