Blue Lacuna — 351 of 467

Aaron A. Reed

Release 4

Section - Hey That's Mine

[A submissive scene]

Hey That's Mine is a guaranteed triggered serendipitous episode. The icebreaker is htm_intro. The subchange beat is silence. The boredom beat is silence. The bye beat is silence. The abruptbye beat is silence.

The allow Hey That's Mine rule is listed before the Progue is chattier the more he likes you rule in the condition rules. A condition for Hey That's Mine (this is the allow Hey That's Mine rule):

if player wears Progue's pendant, rule succeeds.

A completion rule for Hey That's Mine:

remove Progue's pendant from play.

HTM is a thread. htm_intro is an insistent beat in htm with reaction "'Happy [Progue-time-of-day],' he says, looking up and [animus-business]. He frowns, noticing the pendant around your neck.[paragraph break]'Hey now,' he says, 'that's mine. Give that back.' He reaches out his hand to take it; you could [htm_prevent] him or let him [htm_have] it.". htm_intro suggests htm_prevent. htm_intro summons htm_prevent, htm_have.

Understand "prevent" as htm_prevent when last beat is in htm. htm_prevent is a submissive beat in htm with keyword name "prevent" and reaction "You step back as he snatches for it, and his face grows annoyed. 'Don't be a blinded mule,' he snaps, 'give it back.' He snatches for it again with a bit more force and rips it off you, the leather strap snapping through your hair.[paragraph break]'And don't take any more of my things,' he says, miffed, shoving the pendant into a pocket. 'Now, was there something you wanted?'".

Understand "keep" as htm_have when last beat is in htm. htm_have is a beat in htm with keyword name "keep" and reaction "You return the pendant to [the Progue], who shoves it in a pocket, muttering grumpily. 'I suppose you're just in the [htm_habit] of picking up everything that's not nailed down,' he says, 'is that it?'". htm_have suggests htm_habit.

Understand "habit" as htm_habit when last beat is in htm. htm_habit is a beat in htm with keyword name "habit" and reaction "'Hrmph,' he says, 'well just ask next time, if you don't remind. Was there something you wanted to talk about?'".