Blue Lacuna — 346 of 467

Aaron A. Reed

Release 4

Section - Mad Honesty

Mad Honesty is a common serendipitous triggered episode. The icebreaker is mh_intro. The expiration date is 2 hours.

Last condition for Mad Honesty: rule succeeds.

MH is a thread. mh_intro is an insistent beat in MH with reaction "'Tell me, [animal-nickname],' Progue says abruptly, '--and side aside, do you mind me calling you [animal-nickname]?'". The yes-beat of mh_intro is mh_animalmind. The no-beat of mh_intro is mh_animaldontmind. The maybe-beat of mh_intro is mh_animaldontmind. mh_intro suggests mh_animaldontmind. mh_intro summons mh_animalmind, mh_animaldontmind. mh_intro summons mh_animaldontmind, mh_animalmind.

mh_animalmind is a beat in MH with keyword name "yes" and reaction "'Ah well you, there you see,' he says, 'good to know, good to know.' He rummages around in his clothes for a furry piece of hide, a long feather, and a tiny vial, which he quickly uncaps and scribbles something on the hide, murmuring 'No [animal-nickname]' to himself as he does it. He frowns. 'Dear oh dear oh,' he says, 'the only other note on my go-to list is [']Find endearing nickname for that strange ghost [if player is female]wo[end if]man; why not [animal-nickname]? Seems to fit.['] I'll just cross this one out here.' He scribbles for a moment in embarrassment, then slips the implements away.". mh_animalmind enqueues mh_realq.

mh_animaldontmind is a beat in MH with keyword name "shrug" and reaction "'Splend!' he says, beaming. 'It's nothing personal you understand, but it's just I have such difficulties with names, as you noticed; can hardly keep hold of my own. I used to have such a good system for remembering names, using pneumatics; or was it gnomonics? Moisty hells, I need another Word Day; they all start to jumble up and congratulate together like blood clots if I don't practice.'". mh_animaldontmind enqueues mh_realq.

mh_realq is an insistent beat in MH with reaction "'Yes but well that aside,' he says, 'the real question to question you with was just this: are we friends, do you suppose?'". The yes-beat of mh_realq is mh_yesfriends. The no-beat of mh_realq is mh_nofriends. The maybe-beat of mh_realq is mh_confused. mh_realq summons mh_yesfriends, mh_nofriends, mh_confused. mh_realq suggests mh_confused.

Understand "smile" as mh_yesfriends when last beat is in mh. mh_yesfriends is an affinitive terminal beat in MH with keyword name "[if last beat is mh_confused]smile[else]yes" and reaction "'Oh good!' he says, face lighting up. 'I trickling thought we might be now, but it's been green eons since I lumped into anyone so I couldn't remember if this was what it was like. Delightful! All I wanted to know; thank you!' He smiles cheerfully and turns away, [animus-business].".

mh_nofriends is an insistent beat in MH with keyword name "no" and reaction "'Oh,' he says. 'Do we want to be?'". The yes-beat of mh_nofriends is mh_yesfriends. The no-beat of mh_nofriends is mh_dontwant. The maybe-beat of mh_nofriends is mh_confused. mh_nofriends summons mh_yesfriends, mh_dontwant, mh_confused. mh_nofriends suggests mh_confused.

Understand "sock" as mh_dontwant when last beat is in mh. mh_dontwant is a terminal unaffinitive beat in MH with keyword name "[if last beat is mh_confused]sock[else]no" and reaction "'[if affinity of Progue > 0]Oh,' he says, 'well then I'm confused. I thought we were, you see. Don't mind me, I'm bats at noon; been green eons since I lumped into anyone and I don't even remember what it's like[else]Ah,' he says, 'well that gives it the clinch, then. It seems we're not to be friends after all[end if]. Well, carry on, stranger. No, wait-- get off my [surface-material]! Is that how you do it? Something thatwise anyway. Go away!' He turns away, [animus-business].".

mh_confused is a beat in mh with keyword name "shrug" and reaction "'I'm confused too,' Progue admits, 'it's what I'm best at. Let's try an experiment, shall we? I'll come up to you--' he demonstrates this by taking a few paces back, then walking up again-- 'and say, [']Blue as blue skies to you, [animal-nickname]!['] Be honest, now, is your reaction inclinationwise to [mh_dontwant] me one in the mouth or [mh_yesfriends] and make small talk?'". mh_confused suggests mh_dontwant.