Blue Lacuna — 345 of 467

Aaron A. Reed

Release 4

Section - Small Favor

Small Favor is a common serendipitous triggered episode. The expiration date is 2 hours. The icebreaker is sf_intro. The bye beat is sf_negatory. The abruptbye beat is sf_negatory.

Last condition for Small Favor:

if the lava tunnel door is open, rule succeeds.

SF is a thread. sf_intro is an insistent beat in sf with reaction "'Lovely [progue-time-of-day], isn't it, [animal-nickname]?' Progue says, [animus-business] and flexing his toes on the [surface-material]. 'Oh, while you're about, I have [if submission of Progue < 0]just a small favor that I wonder if I might ask, in the name of co-habitation and conciliation and all that[else]a request, sort of a rule ratherly[end if], about the door in the back of the cabin. Have a ment?'". The yes-beat of sf_intro is sf_yes. The no-beat of sf_intro is sf_negatory. sf_intro summons sf_yes, sf_negatory. sf_intro suggests sf_yes.

sf_yes is an insistent beat in SF with keyword name "yes" and reaction "'Splend,' he says, 'well and here it is: to fly true to the nest it gushing unnerves me to have that door open all the time. It's been closed for so long, if you ring, and though I can't just quite remember why it is I wanted it closed I strong and strongly feel it should be. So here's my little favor: would you terrible mind closing it after yourself as you go fore and back through it? It would mean worlds to my peace and piece of mind. Can you oblige?'". The yes-beat of sf_yes is sf_wilco. The no-beat of sf_yes is sf_negatory. sf_yes summons sf_wilco, sf_negatory. sf_yes suggests sf_wilco.

sf_wilco is a terminal beat in SF with keyword name "sure" and reaction "'Delicious,' he says, clapping you on the back, 'most apprished. A little thing but it'll make me feel ever so ever so better. Miles of thanks, [animal-nickname], miles of thanks.' [Progue-resumes].".

sf_negatory is a terminal submissive beat in SF with keyword name "no" and reaction "'[if submission of Progue > 0]Ah. Oh. Well, who am I to ask favors I suppose[else]I see. If that's your case, then, don't expect any favors from me in the future, either[end if],' he says. [Progue-resumes].".

Complying-With-Progue's-Favor is a scene. Complying-With-Progue's-Favor begins when sf_wilco is spoken and ( location is Chasm Floor and former location is Jumble ) or ( location is Hut and former location is Back Room ) . Complying-With-Progue's-Favor ends when Complying-With-Progue's-Favor begins.

When Complying-With-Progue's-Favor begins:

if lava tunnel door is closed:

if drama manager is being debugged, say "// Drama: Progue is less submissive because we closed the door.";

Progue is less submissive;


if drama manager is being debugged, say "// Drama: Progue is more submissive because we didn't close the door.";

Progue is more submissive.