Blue Lacuna — 344 of 467

Aaron A. Reed

Release 4

Section - A Simple Warning

[ Once the player has started fiddling with the pipes, Progue becomes concerned. He corners the player when given a chance and asks to meet him by the base of the ropeway (as far from the trees as possible) at sunset. The player can either follow this request or ignore it-- in the later case Progue will seek out the player again the next day. Upon meeting, he will warn the player not to dig too deeply, saying he knows what you're doing, and to be very careful. He reveals that he built the pyramid, but he could never had done it himself. He remains enigmatic. ]

A Simple Warning is a guaranteed urgent episode. The icebreaker is asw_intro. The subchange beat is asw_dontgo. The bye beat is asw_dontgo. The abruptbye beat is asw_dontgo. The boredom beat is asw_yes.

A condition for A Simple Warning:

if Lawn is visited and exploring Progue's turf, rule succeeds.

A completion rule for A Simple Warning:

now dont_describe_Progue is true;

Progue's life goes on;

follow the Progue's motivation rule.

ASW is a thread. asw_intro is a beat in ASW with reaction "'Oh and hello there,' Progue says with a broad smile, subtly stepping in your way. 'I wonder if I could trouble you for some time; just a ment, just a ment.'". The yes-beat of asw_intro is asw_yes. The no-beat of asw_intro is asw_no. asw_intro suggests asw_yes.

asw_no is an annoying submissive terminal beat in asw with keyword name "no" and reaction "'Ah well then,' he says, backing away submissively, 'just something for your own safety, if you ring. Probably not important. Carry on, carry on.' He turns and walks quickly away.".

asw_dontgo is a repeatable ephemeral beat in asw with reaction "'Please, hear me out,' Progue says, grabbing your arm.".

asw_yes is an impressive beat in asw with keyword name "sure" and reaction "'Fancy fancy,' Progue says, 'I'll fly true to the nest. I can't help but have noticed you prancing about up on the mountaintop[if ever-used-ropeway is true]; that ropeway makes quite a racket, if you ring[otherwise], shimmying up that crack like a wet lizard[end if]. All splend and charm, [animal-nickname], but it's just I don't think you realize what terrible, terrible [asw_danger] you're in up there.' He pauses, glancing at you anxiously.". asw_yes suggests asw_danger. asw_danger replaces asw_yes. asw_yes cancels asw_no.

Understand "danger/dangers" as asw_danger when last beat is in ASW. asw_danger is a beat in ASW with keyword name "dangers" and reaction "'Sausages, yes,' he says, pacing back and forth with a worried expression. 'Why, a [if player is male]gent[otherwise]lady[end if] could slip and fall off the sheer, or be seared by lightning in those afternoon showers, and then there's that dreadful, er...' He waves a hand around towards the top of the mountain vaguely. '...that [asw_pyramid] up there, and really I don't think you ought to fool with it, asking myways.' He shudders.". asw_danger suggests asw_pyramid. asw_pyramid replaces asw_danger.

Understand "thing" as asw_pyramid when last beat is in ASW. asw_pyramid is a beat in ASW with keyword name "thing" and reaction "'Abominable thing,' he says with vehemence. 'Sitting up there with its glowing red light, and its... its damnably triangular faces, and...' He trails off.[paragraph break]'Moisty hells,' he says. 'Truth is, for life and strife I can't remember what's actually dangerous about the thing. But!' he says, raising his eyebrows and a wary finger. 'But but but. I'm gushing sure there's something terrible [asw_wrong] about it, have my words. Just what and whatever you do, [animal-nickname], don't open it. No mattering whatwards. The [asw_contents] are completely not worth seeing, believe you me.'". Check examining by name distant-pyramid: if asw_pyramid is available, try discussing asw_pyramid instead. asw_pyramid suggests asw_outtro. asw_outtro replaces asw_pyramid.

Understand "wrong" as asw_wrong when last beat is in ASW. asw_wrong is a beat in ASW with keyword name "wrong" and reaction "He frowns, rubbing his temples as if besieged by sudden headaches. 'Look and I told you I don't remember,' he says. 'But lie assured it's not something of which you want to get yourself plum in the mid.'". asw_wrong enqueues asw_outtro.

Understand "contents" as asw_contents when last beat is in ASW. asw_contents is a beat in ASW with keyword name "contents" and reaction "'What did I just say?' he says angrily. 'There's nothing in there! Nothing at all! Opening it would be utterly and completely pointless!'". asw_contents enqueues asw_outtro.

asw_outtro is a terminal beat in ASW with reaction "'Oh well oh, terrible sorries for disturbing,' he finishes. 'Enjoy the [progue-time-of-day] then!' And he heads off smartly with a tuneless whistle.".