Blue Lacuna — 335 of 467

Aaron A. Reed

Release 4

Chapter - Revelations

[ This conversation happens after Progue has transitioned to Suppression. He says he needs some time to think and asks the player to meet him on the Rise at sundown. (Or, if it is already evening, at dawn.) Until then he ruminates. If the player bothers him before the allotted time, we trigger a brief message reminding the player to return later (and get annoyed if the player refuses). If the player misses the allotted meeting, we adjust submission and have Progue start player-seeking the next day. If Progue already dislikes the player too much, ???

The conversation begins with a mini-monologue by Progue explaining his thoughts. He remembers he was a Wayfarer, now. Will answer questions about wayfaring, sculptures. Admits that the girls were his daughters, but that he doesn't know what happened to them. "I've forgotten so much." He remembers what's up with the trees (although not the ultimate conclusion), but lies to the player and pretends he doesn't-- "The Creeper, maybe it's something I made up, maybe not. But I know the east island is dangerous."

He has no idea why you were called; he didn't want anyone to come and doesn't know what you can do. He tells you he is dying.


Building To Revelations is a guaranteed triggered instant rerunnable episode. The subchange beat is silence. The boredom beat is silence. The bye beat of Building To Revelations is silence. The abruptbye beat is silence.

A condition for Building To Revelations:

if the psyche of Progue is suppression and the episodic status of Suppression Revelations is unaired and Tsunami Sequence is not happening, rule succeeds.

A commencement rule for Building To Revelations:

Progue starts ruminating;

if Progue is booked for Suppression Revelations:

do nothing;


if night or dawn or sunrise or morning or midmorning or midday or afternoon, schedule Progue for Suppression Revelations at evening;

otherwise schedule Progue for Suppression Revelations at morning.

Every turn when current episode is Building To Revelations:

now the animus of Progue is ruminating;

if Progue is booked for current interval or the psyche of Progue is not suppression, complete Building To Revelations.

Instead of greeting Progue when Progue is booked for Suppression Revelations: choose row with an event of Suppression Revelations in Table of Progue's Appointment Book; say "[The Progue] frowns, not looking at you. 'Not now,' he says. 'On the rise, at [date entry], like I said.'".

A finishing rule for Building To Revelations:

if Tsunami Sequence is happening, rule succeeds.

Suppression Revelations is a guaranteed rendezvous triggered episode. The expiration date is 6 hours. The icebreaker is rev_intro. The meeting place is Rise. The bye beat is p_supp_unavailable. The subchange beat is p_supp_unavailable.

A completion rule for Suppression Revelations:

if rev_intro is unspoken, begin Makeup-Revelations;

now Building To Revelations is one-shot;

now Progue references depc_departure;

choose a blank row in Table of Progue Suppression Endeavours;

change pick entry to cleaning;

Progue's life goes on;

follow the Progue's motivation rule.

Table of Progue's Initial Appearance (continued)

--Suppression Revelations"Standing by the drop-off to the sea, staring wistfully out into the waves, is Progue."

Table of Progue's Description (continued)

--Suppression Revelations"He seems changed somehow, almost a different person."

REV is a thread. The escape clause is rev_call.

rev_intro is an unsubmissive [because if we show up, we've done something he told us to do] nonverbal beat in Rev with reaction "He looks up and nods. '[if sunrise or morning or evening]Just on time,' he says lightly, 'I thank you for your punctuality[otherwise]A bit late,' he says lightly, 'You've kept me waiting, but [']salright, [']salright, it's not as if I have much else to do[end if].' He smiles, but some of the carefree whimsical quality he had before is gone, replaced with a touch of sadness he tries hard to conceal, and he pauses for a moment to gather his thoughts.". rev_intro suggests rev_intro2. rev_intro summons rev_listen. rev_listen is beat in rev with keyword name "listen" and fuse 2.

rev_intro2 is a beat in Rev with reaction "'[if Progue is unnamed]My name is Progue Attay,' he says, 'and apologies for my earlier behavior. [else]Apologies then I suppose, for my earlier behavior,' he says. '[end if]I've been alone for too too long, and when you appeared, I-- well, assumptions.' He smiles. 'But you are here, and you're not the-- the [rev_creeper], and now I remember who I am. A... a [rev_intro2_bit].'[paragraph break]He takes a deep breath, then laughs once, loudly. 'Explanations,' he says, 'are owed along so many axes. Tell me then where I should begin?'". rev_intro2 summons rev_father, rev_madman, rev_sculptor. rev_intro2 suggests rev_silence. After discussing rev_intro2: now Progue is named; continue the action.

rev_silence is a beat in Rev with reaction "'I'm not sure [if cc_father is unspoken and cc_sculptor is unspoken and cc_madman is unspoken]where to begin[otherwise]what else to talk about[end if] either,' he says sadly. 'Let me think.'". rev_silence enqueues rev_now. rev_yourgift replaces rev_silence.

To say rev_intro2_bit:

if cc_father is spoken:

say "[rev_father], first, as you said. But I am-- was--' he pauses, face screwed up in pain for a moment. 'I don't know the tense any more,' he finally says. 'Was? Am? Will be? A [rev_sculptor]. I don't know. Let's unconjugate it. To be a sculptor, I, and also, I suppose, a [rev_madman]";

else if cc_sculptor is spoken:

say "[rev_sculptor], first, as you said. Though large years have shambled by since last I lived up to that title. And also a [rev_madman], as I'm sure you've had noticed, and... and a [rev_father]. Yes. And that too";

else if cc_madman is spoken:

say "[rev_madman], first, as you said. After twenty years alone, abandoned, perhaps that is all I will ever be again. But also I am-- was--' he pauses, face screwed up in pain for a moment. 'I don't know the tense any more,' he finally says. 'Was? Am? Will be? A [rev_sculptor]. I don't know. Let's unconjugate it. To be a sculptor, I, and also, I suppose, a [rev_father]. Yes. And that too";


say "[rev_father], a [rev_sculptor], and a [rev_madman], as you said-- all three".

rev_whatelse is a repeatable beat in Rev with reaction "[one of]He sighs. 'What else can I tell you?' he asks[or]He takes a deep breath. 'What other questions can I answer?' he says[or]He smiles a little. 'What next?' he says[in random order].". After discussing rev_whatelse: if we have not discussed rev_father, now tempfuse of rev_father is 5; if we have not discussed rev_creeper, now tempfuse of rev_creeper is 5; if we have not discussed rev_sculptor, now tempfuse of rev_sculptor is 5; if we have not discussed rev_madman, now tempfuse of rev_madman is 5; continue the action. Before discussing rev_whatelse: if rev_father is spoken and rev_sculptor is spoken and rev_madman is spoken begin; now rev_whatelse is unrepeatable; now rev_whatbroughtyouhere replaces rev_whatelse; end if; continue the action. rev_whatelse suggests rev_silence.

Understand "creeper" as rev_creeper when last beat is in Rev. rev_creeper is a beat in Rev with fuse 5 and keyword name "Creeper" and reaction "He paces back and forth a little, frowning in the [progue-time-of-day] light. 'Look,' he says finally, 'only dimly can I imagine what you think of me now, and I know the whole Creeper story seems preposterous, but...' He stops and looks directly at you. 'I don't know, but there is something, what, dangerous. Over therewards in that part of the island. I can't explain, but part of me,' he draws a deep breath, 'knows. Be careful.'". rev_creeper suggests rev_whatelse.

Understand "father" as rev_father when last beat is in Rev. rev_father is an insistent beat in Rev with fuse 5 and keyword name "father" and reaction "He rubs his knuckles along the side of his head for a long moment, avoiding your gaze, then finally sighs. 'Yes,' he says, 'they were my daughters. The two-- two little girls. How could I have forgotten? Phoebe and-- and Lethe. Yes, Lethe. My angels. I-- I brought them here, I think but-- but I don't know where they are now.' He smiles sadly. 'They've left, I suppose. They're like me, like us. Travelers. Shifters and drifters. What-- what was your word for it?'". rev_father summons rev_wayfaring, rev_wfshrug. rev_father suggests rev_wfshrug. The maybe-beat of rev_father is rev_wfshrug.

Understand "wayfaring" as rev_wayfaring when last beat is in Rev. rev_Wayfaring is an impressive beat in Rev with keyword name "wayfaring" and reaction "'Yes,' he says, 'Wayfaring. A good word. I'll have to remember that next Word Day.' He grins a little.". rev_wayfaring enqueues rev_whatelse.

rev_wfshrug is an annoying beat in Rev with keyword name "shrug" and reaction "'Oh well,' Progue says, frowning a little, 'the important thing is that we're the same. Wanderers of worlds, rootless.'". rev_wfshrug enqueues rev_whatelse.

Understand "sculptor" as rev_sculptor when last beat is in Rev. rev_sculptor is a beat in Rev with fuse 5 and keyword name "sculptor" and reaction "'Yes,' he says, ghosts of old memories lighting his face, 'always been a sculptor, since I was a child. I remember some of it, now, bits and fractures of the worlds I turned through. Beauty, terror, and always homeless. What strange times, like dream-pieces swept into a box, clouds of must pillowing out now I've opened it unexpected...'

He shakes his head. 'But no. Now you're here too. And it is memory, not fantasy, I'm gushing sure. Once I was a [if rev_wayfaring is spoken]wayfarer[otherwise]shifter of worlds[end if], but [rev_now]...' He trails off.". rev_sculptor suggests rev_now. rev_sculptor cancels rev_father, rev_creeper, rev_madman.

Understand "now" as rev_now when last beat is in Rev. rev_now is a beat in Rev with keyword name "now" and reaction "He sighs. 'There are twisted holes in my mind, lacunae where memories once gelled. I remember we came here after terrible tragedy, years and fears ago. I remember long eons of madness. The transition has slipped, spaces between melted somehow and vanished.'

He flexes his bare feet on the [surface-material], gripping it carefully. 'When memories light up again on the other side,' he says sadly, 'I was no longer [if rev_wayfaring is spoken]a Wayfarer[otherwise]what I once was[end if]. I tried; oh, true as true, I tried. But whatever magic I once had caged in these hands, whatever power Something Further gifted, well. Gone. My sculptures were just sculptures. I remained. And now I haven't even touched hammer and chisel since grey hairs were black as black and black.'". rev_now enqueues rev_whatelse. rev_yourgift replaces rev_now.

Understand "madman" as rev_madman when last beat is in Rev. rev_madman is a beat in Rev with keyword name "madman" and reaction "He half-grins. 'Sounds so unnatural here and now when you say it. But when one's alone-- when one is all of humanity-- however one acts defines normality for the species. Or mayhaps man is man only to man, and I was not man at all these past years and years. Mayhaps I only became man again when you saw me screaming words at the ocean from bouldertops. Your [if rev_wayfaring is spoken]wayfaring[otherwise]arrival[end if] brought me back to be.'". rev_madman enqueues rev_yourgift.

rev_yourgift is an insistent beat in Rev with reaction "'And tell me, [animal-nickname],' he says suddenly, 'what is your gift? Not sculpting, I can tell from a glance at your hands, but [rev_painting] mayhaps? Or [rev_music]? Or [rev_storytelling] or something even more fantastical?'". rev_yourgift summons rev_giftshrug, rev_painting, rev_music, rev_storytelling. rev_whatbroughtyouhere replaces rev_yourgift. rev_yourgift suggests rev_giftshrug. The maybe-beat of rev_yourgift is rev_giftshrug. rev_whatbroughtyouhere replaces rev_yourgift.

Understand "painting" as rev_painting when last beat is in Rev. rev_painting is a beat in Rev with keyword name "painting" and reaction "His eyes light up. 'A painter!' he said. 'I thought so. Oh my oh. My daughters were painters, before--' He frowns. 'Before the [rev_creeper] took them or--' He trails off, becoming even more hesitant. 'Or whatever it was that happened all those years and fears ago.' He pauses for a moment, then touches your shoulder, briefly. 'Good,' he says, 'as a painter twill be easier for you to move on, when the time comes.'". rev_painting enqueues rev_whatelse. rev_painting cancels rev_music, rev_storytelling.

Understand "music" as rev_music when last beat is in Rev. rev_music is a beat in Rev with keyword name "music". rev_music enqueues rev_liar. rev_music cancels rev_storytelling, rev_painting.

Understand "storytelling" as rev_storytelling when last beat is in Rev. rev_storytelling is a beat in Rev with keyword name "storytelling". rev_storytelling enqueues rev_liar. rev_storytelling cancels rev_painting, rev_music.

rev_liar is a beat in Rev with reaction "He pierces your eyes with narrowed gaze for a long moment, then throws back his head and laughs.[paragraph break]'No no,' he finally says, 'you're liaring, but your deception proofs your truth. [werealike].'". rev_liar enqueues rev_whatelse.

To say werealike: say "We're alike, I and you and me, [if rev_wayfaring is spoken]Wayfarers[otherwise]travelers[end if] through infinite worlds, and some thread of connection runs betwixt us already that tells me things about us. From the mottling along the inside of your queen finger, and mayhaps something about that hair of yours, I'd guess and say you're a painter. Good. Makes it easier for you to move on, when the time comes".

rev_giftshrug is a beat in Rev with keyword name "shrug" and reaction "He grins, lopsidedly. 'Oh my oh, the mysterious stranger, quiet and ever so unfathomable. But I've got you marked, [animal-nickname]. [werealike].'". rev_giftshrug enqueues rev_whatelse.

[Understand "queen" as rev_queen when last beat is in Rev. rev_queen is a beat in Rev with keyword name "queen" and reaction "'Oh, just something we say wherever it is that I come from,' Progue says, holding up his hand, and taps each finger, starting at the thumb: 'Monk, queen, king, deacon, page. The Five Fingers.'". rev_queen suggests rev_whatelse.]

rev_whatbroughtyouhere is an insistent repeatable beat in Rev with reaction "'[one of]Now I'd[or]But I'd still[stopping] like to know something about you, [animal-nickname],' Progue says. 'Tell me do. What in worlds brought you here, now, and why?'". rev_whatbroughtyouhere summons rev_call. rev_whatbroughtyouhere suggests rev_whatbroughtyouhere. rev_whatbroughtyouhere cancels rev_creeper.

[Work in reference to the windsigh here.]Understand "call" as rev_call when last beat is in Rev. rev_call is a terminal beat in Rev with keyword name "call" and reaction "He looks at you for a long moment, hesitant, as if trying to parse your words in some different way. Finally he looks away.[paragraph break]'Something Further,' he whispers, '[if The-Path-Of-Love has happened]after all this time[else]how many things there are to remember[end if]. The Call.' He takes a deep breath. 'I never had a name for it, myself, but yes, that fits. Fits. Well. But.'

He turns back to you with a strange look of resignation, disappointment, trepidation. 'But here's the truth, and it's not one you want. But truths are like that. I don't know how to say it other than to say it, so here it is.'[paragraph break]'I didn't Call you, friend and never have,' he says firmly. 'There's nothing you can do for me, no help I've been waiting for. It's a mistake, some mix-up in the mash-up of the metacosmic switching station. If I could send you back of course I would but of course... I can't. I can't, and I'm sorry, and here we are.'[section break]He smiles suddenly. 'Moisty hells,' he says, 'No need to be depressed about it! Just because you're here by mistake doesn't mean you can't enjoy yourself! It's a beautiful island if you hadn't noticed. And I can help and help prepare for your departure. Yes, that's what I'll do. We'll have you painting your way away and onwards in grains of time.'". [rev_call summons rev_call2. ]

[ Alternative versions.]

[ If we miss our date with Progue, or don't trigger this before the Tsunmi. ]

Makeup-Revelations is a urgent episode. [manually begun if Revelations expires.] The icebreaker is rev_makeupintro.

rev_makeupintro is a submissive beat in rev with reaction "[if Tsunami Sequence is happening][the reaction of tcp_greeting][paragraph break]'[else]'There you are,' Progue says, frowning. 'I missed you earlier. We were supposed to meet on the rise, remember? Ah well-oh, not important. [end if]But there are some things, things that need discussing.' He pauses for a moment, seeming to collect his thoughts.". rev_makeupintro enqueues rev_intro2.