Blue Lacuna — 321 of 467

Aaron A. Reed

Release 4

Section - Leaving Hut

Leaving Hut is a common triggered instant episode with expiration date 15 minutes.

A condition for Leaving Hut:

if night, rule fails;

if location is Center Beach and the player was in Hut and conversation fuse > 30, rule succeeds.

First commencement rule for Leaving Hut:

ignore the teleport Progue to mark rule;

say "Strange. You could swear there are more [o]footprints[x] in the sand out here than there were when you stepped inside.";

move progue-footprints to Center Beach;

now the animus of Progue is hiding;

now Progue is wishing;

move Progue to Stumps.

The progue-footprints are set dressing. The printed name is "footprints". Understand "footprints" or "prints" or "foot prints" or "print" as progue-footprints. The description is "It looks like somebody came up to just the doorway of the hut, hesitated, then turned and went back the other way in a big hurry, several times. The retreating prints lead back towards the rise.". Instead of following progue-footprints: say "They vanish into the general mish-mash towards the rise.".