Blue Lacuna — 320 of 467

Aaron A. Reed

Release 4

Section - Watching From Rise

Watching From Rise is an uncommon triggered instant episode with expiration date 15 minutes.

A condition for Watching From Rise:

if night, rule fails;

if location is Lower Beach or location is South Beach or location is Among the Boulders or location is Tidepools, rule succeeds.

First commencement rule for Watching From Rise:

ignore the teleport Progue to mark rule;

say "From the corner of your eye, you catch movement [if dir]to the north[otherwise]from the other side of the lagoon[end if]. You turn your head just in time to see a figure duck down behind the rise, leaving behind tiny rockfall and a little cloud of dust.";

move distant-progue to location;

now distant-progue is out-of-sight;

now the animus of Progue is hiding;

now Progue is wishing;

move Progue to Stumps.

Understand "figure" or "rockfall" or "cloud" or "little" or "dust" or "man" or "Progue" as distant-progue when current episode is Watching From Rise.