Blue Lacuna — 322 of 467

Aaron A. Reed

Release 4

Section - Drawings During Sleep

[If the player is sleeping on the beach, this gives them a hint to sleep elsewhere.]

Drawings During Sleep is a guaranteed triggered instant episode with expiration date 15 minutes.

A condition for Drawings During Sleep:

if Having a Generic Dream is happening and location is regionally in Beachfront, rule succeeds.

First commencement rule for Drawings During Sleep:

ignore the teleport Progue to mark rule;

move tree-sand-drawings to location;

say "That's funny. You could swear you weren't surrounded by all these [o]drawings[x] and footprints in the sand when you fell asleep.";

now the animus of Progue is hiding;

now Progue is wishing;

move Progue to Stumps.

Some tree-sand-drawings are set dressing. Understand "drawings/drawing" as tree-sand-drawings. The printed name is "tree drawings". The initial appearance is "Surrounding the spot where you slept is a vast expanse of [o]drawings[x] in the sand.". The description is "Crude, hasty, the sand drawings are nevertheless very clear: they seem to show roots and branches of trees, twining in a huge circle around your prone form. Bare footprints deftly step between the branches, then disappear at running speed off towards the rise.". The provoke message of tree-sand-drawings is "There's no point: the next high tide will wash them away.". Instead of attacking tree-sand-drawings: remove tree-sand-drawings from play; say "With some quick work of your feet, you have erased the sand drawings from the beach." Understand the command "erase" as "attack".