Blue Lacuna — 309 of 467

Aaron A. Reed

Release 4

Chapter - Sleepless Rayfish Encounter

[ This is a scene that happens if the player is wandering at night. It's an example of Progue sharing one of his semi-private rituals with the player. This is Progue-dominated, although we can get him to drop some tantalizing hints about his past if we want. ]

Sleepless Rayfish Encounter is a triggered common denialy episode with summary "swimming with the rayfish under the stars".

Last condition rule for Sleepless Rayfish Encounter:

if night and

location is regionally in Beachfront and

former location is not regionally in Beachfront and

we are going,

rule succeeds.

A commencement rule for Sleepless Rayfish Encounter:

now Progue is awake;

now dont_describe_Progue is true;

summon Progue to a random room in Tiderooms;

now the animus of Progue is swimming;

now the activity counter of Progue is -50;

say "Out in the lagoon, amongst the weaving, bobbing lights, stands a dark [o]figure[x].";

move distant-Progue to location.

A finishing rule for Sleepless Rayfish Encounter:

if Progue is not regionally in Tiderooms, rule succeeds.

Table of Progue's Initial Appearance (continued)

--Sleepless Rayfish Encounter"[one of][The Progue] stands waist deep in the water, staring the the moving lights with a quiet smile[or][The Progue] swims gracefully among the rayfish[stopping]."

SWTR is a thread.

Every turn when current episode is Sleepless Rayfish Encounter and Progue is enclosed by location and we have not discussed swtr_intro: pre-conversation processing; now tempfuse of swtr_intro is 4. swtr_intro is an exciting beat in SWTR with reaction "As you approach, [the Progue] half turns his head to see you, then grunts to look back at the swirling lights.[paragraph break]'So beautiful,' he murmurs, staring at the glowing creatures silently gliding by around you. 'Some nights I can't sleep. They help. Helpers. I call them rayfish.'[paragraph break]He wades forward into the ocean, and swims away, alongside the great graceful creatures.". After discussing swtr_intro: now rayfish is named; post-conversation processing; continue the action.

First instead of greeting when current episode is Sleepless Rayfish Encounter: say "[The Progue] doesn't respond; his eyes are locked on the rayfish." instead.

Instead of vague swimming when current episode is Sleepless Rayfish Encounter: say "You dive forward, half afraid and half excited, and in a moment you two are swimming amongst the creatures.

All is strangely silent. You and [the Progue] do not speak, but stay together, floating or swimming alongside the graceful glowing mantas as they glide noiselessly through the lagoon. Once you reach out to touch one and feel its silky-smooth skin brush past your finger. But then it startles, and darts away, leaving behind a cloud of dense black ink.

At some point you realize [the Progue] has slipped away. Contented, you return to shore, wet but warm in the dense tropical night air."; summon Progue to Stumps; Progue starts resting; move player to South Beach.