Blue Lacuna — 310 of 467

Aaron A. Reed

Release 4

Chapter - Shocking Revelation

[ Progue moves into the "fear" psyche when he finally realizes that the player is really there, not just a hallucination. This happens automatically if the player gets through the lava tunnel door (since Progue no longer remembers how to open it), or if the player breaks a leg and Progue rescues him. The player can also be proactive in bringing this about by taking drastic physical action with Progue: either punching him (submissive) or kissing him (romantic).

In either case, the player needs to repeat the command several times to indicate their seriousness about going through with the action: this is to prevent just a casual attempt from skipping past some of the good stuff in the denial stage. If we confirm, we segue into the Discovering the Open Door convo. ]

Instead of kissing Progue when the psyche of Progue is denial and current episode is not Discovering the Open Door: if Progue is idle, pre-conversation processing; force discuss sr_kiss1.[aar]

sr_kiss1 is a dogged beat in DenialC with reaction "He leans deftly back. 'Whoah there, my [animal-nickname],' he says with a chuckle. 'Let's just wait to get to know each other a little better first, eh?' He waits nervously to see if you will try [t]again[x] or say [t]nothing[x].". sr_kiss2 replaces sr_kiss1. sr_kiss1 suggests sr_kissclear.

sr_kiss2 is a dogged beat in DenialC with reaction "'Now really,' [the Progue] says, leaping back as you step forward again, 'it's not that I'm not gushing flattered, [if player is male]my boy[else]darling[end if], but that's not the sort of hallucination I expected to be expecting just now, if you ring.' As he babbles, though, you can see something strange in his eyes, some curdling combination of desire and a growing terror as he waits for you to try [t]again[x] or change the [t]subject[x].". sr_kiss3 replaces sr_kiss2. sr_kiss2 suggests sr_kissclear.

sr_kiss3 is a romantic beat in DenialC with reaction "You lean forward. 'What in the--' is as far as he has time to get before you've planted a firm kiss on his lips. His eyes open wide in astonishment, or perhaps something else, but then...[paragraph break]He leaps backwards, suddenly in a panic, face flushing red. 'But what... how... I haven't... been so long since...' He raises a hand and touches them to his lips, eyes momentarily dissolved into some distant memory.". sr_kiss3 enqueues sr_shocking. sr_shocking replaces sr_kiss3.

sr_kissclear is a repeatable dogged beat in DenialC. After discussing sr_kissclear: now sr_kiss1 is unspoken; now sr_kiss2 is unspoken; continue the action.

Before attacking Progue when the psyche of Progue is denial:

if current episode is Word Day and we have not discussed bp_introduction begin;

say "He's up too high for you to reach him." instead;

otherwise if animus of Progue is swimming or animus of Progue is hottubbing;

say "It's a little awkward to start a fight in the water." instead;

otherwise if the animus of Progue is resting;

say "It's a little unsporting to do that while he's asleep." instead;

otherwise if current episode is Discovering The Open Door or last beat is in DTOD;

say "It looks as if you've already unsettled him quite enough." instead;


if Progue is idle, pre-conversation processing;

force discuss sr_hit1 instead;

end if.

sr_hit1 is a annoying dogged beat in DenialC with reaction "You take a swing at [the Progue], but he dodges lithely out of the way, does a neat roll on the [surface-material], and comes up with his fists raised. 'Oh ho, so you're an angry spirit, are you?' he asks with glee, bouncing back and forth from foot to foot. 'Haven't been in a good fight since that walrus attack. You try anything like that [t]again[x], I'll sock you a good one!' He lowers his hands a little. 'Or we can change the [t]subject[x], if you prefer. It's too hot for fighting really.'". sr_hit2 replaces sr_hit1. sr_hit1 suggests sr_hitclear.

sr_hit2 is a dogged beat in DenialC with reaction "You step closer and take a harder swing, but [the Progue] twists aside and then uppercuts your face.[paragraph break]'Ahh!' he cries out, clutching his hand and staggering back. 'That hurt! I thought you hallucinations were meant to be insubstantial, lighter than air, all that!' But he looks at you now with a hint of something growing in his eyes, waiting for you to advance yet [t]again[x] or back off and do [t]nothing[x], some spark of terror on the verge of kindling.". sr_hit3 replaces sr_hit2. sr_hit2 replaces sr_hitclear.

sr_hit3 is a beat in DenialC with reaction "You strike him hard across the face. His expression turns to shock as he lifts a hand to the white mark left there. He stares at you in a kind of growing horror.". sr_hit3 enqueues sr_shocking.

sr_hitclear is a repeatable dogged beat in DenialC. After discussing sr_hitclear: now sr_hit1 is unspoken; now sr_hit2 is unspoken; continue the action.