Blue Lacuna — 308 of 467

Aaron A. Reed

Release 4

Chapter - Watching For Signs

[ This conversation, triggered after the player has had a few dreams, triggers an oblique warning from Progue about the dangers of the trees. ]


Watching For Signs is a scene. Watching For Signs begins when ( the psyche of Progue is suppression or the psyche of Progue is uncertainty ) and Progue is in the location and The-Mysterious-Door is solved and time for a common scene.

When Watching For Signs begins:

if Progue is wishing begin; [ he's on his way somewhere ]

now Progue is attentive;

now Progue is fulfilling;

say "Progue gives you a [if the affinity of Progue > 0]friendly[otherwise]curt[end if] nod, but then stops and stares at you suspiciously.";


say "Progue looks up at you with a [if the affinity of Progue > 0]friendly[otherwise]curt[end if] nod, but holds his gaze for a long moment before frowning suspiciously.";

end if;

try greeting Progue.

After greeting Progue during Watching For Signs, force discuss wfs_intro.

WFS is a thread.

wfs_intro is a terminal beat in WFS with reaction "'Been sleeping well?' he asks gruffly. {Progue proceeds to ask about your dreams, then warn you obliquely to be careful. 'This island may not be as empty as it seems,' he says. 'Make sure you know which thoughts are yours. Make sure you do only what you intend.' He refuses to elaborate, but walks off with a suspicious glance.}".

Watching For Signs ends when Progue is idle.

When Watching For Signs ends: Progue's life goes on, as before.