Blue Lacuna — 305 of 467

Aaron A. Reed

Release 4

Chapter - Play Catch

[ This episode is triggered by the player arriving within eyesight of North Beach. Progue is up in a konokuk tree. He shouts for the player to come closer. (Ignoring him is submissive). Upon arrival in North Beach, there is a moment of banter (where the player can learn the name konokuk) and then Progue says to not move, but catch a fruit. The fruit is described as plummeting rather quickly. The player has 2 options: move to catch it (paternal), or don't try to catch it (unpaternal). Afterwards Progue shows the player how to open one and the conversation can shift into a default one.


Play Catch is a instant triggered uncommon denialy episode. The meeting place is North Beach. The icebreaker is pc_intro. The expiration date is 1 hours. The bye beat is pc_dodge. The abruptbye beat is pc_dodge. The subchange beat is pc_subchange.

pc_subchange is an ephemeral beat with reaction "There's not really any time for that right now."

Last condition for Play Catch:

if we are not going, rule fails;

if Progue is enclosed by location, rule fails;

if location is in Center Beach and former location is Hut, rule succeeds;

if location is South Beach and former location is Fork, rule succeeds;

if location is Rise and former location is not North Beach and Progue is not regionally in North Island and Progue is not regionally in Marshlands, rule succeeds;

rule fails.

A commencement rule for Play Catch:

now dont_describe_Progue is true;

move distant-Progue to location;

add some konokuk;

say "Off by the [if location is Rise][d]beach[x] below you[else]beach near the [d]rise[x][end if], one tree shakes madly, green fronds waving as something moves around inside it. Suddenly [the Progue] sticks out his head from the tree, spots you, and waves madly.[paragraph break]'Spirit!' he shouts faintly, 'over here! Quickly!'".

Every turn when current episode is Play Catch and pc_intro is unspoken and North Beach is Proguevisible and location is not North Beach and location is not Ocean Waters: say "The tree near the [d][if location is Rise]beach[else]rise[end if][x] continues to shake. '[one of]Hurry[or]Come on[or]What's waiting[in random order]!' [the Progue] calls, '[one of]get over here[or]come here[at random]!'".

First finishing rule for Play Catch:

ignore the episodes usually end when conversation does rule;

if the number of spoken terminal beats in PC > 0:

if the animus of Progue is player-seeking, now Progue is wishing;

now current episode is Denial General Convo;

now Progue is attentive;

now tempfuse of dc_konokuk is 5;

now tempfuse of dc_player is 5;

now Play Catch is successful;

if there is a eptitle of Play Catch in episode schedule:

choose row with a eptitle of Play Catch in episode schedule;

blank out the whole row;

sort episode schedule in random order;

consider the completion rules for Play Catch.

Instead of examining distant-Progue when current episode is Play Catch, say "All you can really make out is a distant konokuk tree that's thrashing around like mad.".

A completion rule for Play Catch:

if Play Catch is expired:

Progue is more submissive;

now icebreaker of Play Catch is spoken. [to prevent reruns.]

Table of Progue's Initial Appearance (continued)

--Play Catch"[The Progue] is up in the tree, which sways madly."

PC is a thread. The escape clause is pc_catch.

pc_intro is a beat in PC with reaction "'There you are,' [the Progue] says from his elevated perch, pushing aside green fronds to get a glimpse of you. 'Just harvesting a few of these delicious konokuk fruits. Now, don't move. Stay right there.'[paragraph break]There is a further rustling in the trees, and suddenly a hairy brown fruit the size of your head and looking hard as a rock is plummeting down towards you. You could probably [pc_catch] it, but it might be wiser to [pc_dodge].". pc_intro suggests pc_dodge. Instead of taking tree-konokuk when last beat is pc_intro, force discuss pc_catch. Rule for supplying a missing noun when taking and last beat is pc_intro: change noun to tree-konokuk.

Understand "dodge" as pc_dodge when last beat is in PC. pc_dodge is an unpaternal terminal beat in PC with keyword name "dodge" and reaction "You leap to one side just as the hairy cannonball plummets into the sand near your feet, leaving a sizable impact crater.[paragraph break][catchbit].'[paragraph break]He shimmies down the tree and jumps lightly to the sand. 'But sausages, I forgot; you're [dc_player], you can't touch our crude physical matter!' he says, reaching out a hand to help you up and apparently not noticing the contradiction. 'Means you probably won't be able to enjoy any of this delicious [dc_konokuk] either, pity pity.' He breaks one of the fruits open and begins devouring the pink-white flesh inside.". pc_dodge cancels pc_catch.

To say catchbit: say "'Catch!' [the Progue] shouts helpfully from above. 'No, wait a ment, that's wrong as wrong. Shout first, then throw, yes yes, that's it. Throw first then shout is for war".

Understand "catch" or "catch fruit" or "catch konokuk" as pc_catch when last beat is in PC. pc_catch is a paternal insistent beat in PC with keyword name "catch" and reaction "You look up at the plummeting hairy cannonball and hold up your hands, but [if sunup]the sun glares in your eyes and...[otherwise]trip on the unevenly lit beach and...[end if][paragraph break]With a noise like a hollow plonk, the konokuk fruit smacks into your head, sending you backwards onto the sand with stars radiating out from your vision.[paragraph break][catchbit]. Terrible sorries!' he shouts down at you. 'Dear oh dear oh, spirit, are you all right?'". pc_catch suggests pc_notokay. Instead of going or landmark-going when last beat is pc_catch, say "You're still too dazed to go anywhere.". The yes-beat of pc_catch is pc_okay. The no-beat of pc_catch is pc_notokay. pc_catch summons pc_okay, pc_notokay. pc_notokay replaces pc_catch. pc_catch cancels pc_dodge.

pc_notokay is a beat in PC with keyword name "no" and reaction "[The Progue] shimmies down the tree as you sit up weakly, stars still swarming through your vision. He bounds over to your side and examines your head critically. 'Quite a red hill you've got there,' he shouts, as if not realizing you're much closer now, 'my most gushing of apologies. Thought the thing would go right through, being noncorporeal and all.'". pc_notokay enqueues pc_trans.

pc_okay is a terminal beat in PC with keyword name "yes" and reaction "'Splend and charm,' he says, shimmying down the tree as you rub a swelling goose egg tenderly, 'just as my theories theorized; solid objects should pass right through you [dc_player] entities.'".

pc_trans is an insistent beat in PC with reaction "'Well and look here now!' he says, picking up the fruit in delight; it's split in two, revealing delicate pink-white flesh inside. 'Why you've discovered a new way to open a [dc_konokuk]. Mayhaps you could stay right there and I could throw a few dozen more down, eh?'". The yes-beat of pc_trans is pc_masochist. The no-beat of pc_trans is pc_notmaso. pc_trans suggests pc_masochist. pc_notmaso replaces pc_trans.

pc_notmaso is a terminal beat in PC with keyword name "sure" and reaction "'Only fooling,' he says with a wild grin, 'turtles work much better for that anyway, have my words.'".

pc_masochist is an unsubmissive beat in PC with keyword name "no". pc_masochist enqueues pc_notmaso.