Blue Lacuna — 306 of 467

Aaron A. Reed

Release 4

Chapter - Ring of Truth

[ Progue asks to see the player's ring from Rume. The player doesn't know Progue that well yet, so it's an exercize in trust. Letting Progue see the ring is affinitive; refusing is unaffinitive. ]

Ring of Truth is an uncommon serendipitous triggered denialy episode. The expiration date is 3 hours. The icebreaker is rot_intro.

Last condition for Ring of Truth:

if player holds Rume's bracelet, rule succeeds.

A completion rule for Ring of Truth:

Progue's life goes on.

ROT is a thread. The escape clause is rot_cantkeep.

rot_intro is a beat in rot with reaction "'Ah, there you are,' [the Progue] says, [attitude-business]. 'Been looking. I remembered what it was I wanted to ask you about earlier. That bracelet of yours-- something about it's getting me upended. Can't get a grip on it. Can I hold it for a span, see if I can fly what it is I'm reminded of?' He holds out his hand.". The yes-beat of rot_intro is rot_yes. The no-beat of rot_intro is rot_no. rot_intro suggests rot_no.

rot_yes is an affinitive insistent beat in ROT with keyword name "yes" and reaction "You pull the bracelet off and hand it carefully to [the Progue], who takes it and studies it carefully, holding it up to the light and twirling it in his fingers, running them delicately over the texture of the grain.[paragraph break]'Curi-curious,' he muses, 'almost familiar somehow. Mayhaps she had one like this or something thatwise. Mayhaps-- mayhaps I made one for---?'[paragraph break]He shakes his head, then grins disarmingly, the memory seemingly vanished. 'I'm bats at noon,' he says, 'no idea. Pretty pretty thing, true too. Excellent manshippage. Can I keep it?'". The yes-beat of rot_yes is rot_cankeep. The no-beat of rot_yes is rot_cantkeep. rot_yes suggests rot_cantkeep.

rot_cankeep is a romantic terminal beat in ROT with keyword name "yes" and reaction "'Splend and charm,' he says brightly, slipping it into a pocket, 'aren't you a kind one. I'll take great cares with it, [animal-nickname], lie assured. Well and I don't intend to distract you from your business. Be well now!'". After discussing rot_cankeep: remove Rume's bracelet from play; dis Rume a lot; continue the action.

rot_cantkeep is a terminal beat in ROT with keyword name "no" and reaction "'Just asking,' [the Progue] says, placing it back in your hand, 'just asking, no need to get upended. Pretty as pretty thing is all. Remembers me of something but for life and strife I can't think of what. Ah well-oh. Didn't mean to distract from your business!' He smiles broadly and claps you on the back. 'Be well now!'".

rot_no is an unaffinitive terminal beat in ROT with keyword name "no" and reaction "'Ah well-oh,' he says, disappointed. 'Would have gushing taken care of it, you know. Just wanted a look. Well and nothing to get upended over. Remembers me of something is all. Didn't mean to distract from your business! Be well now!'".