Blue Lacuna — 304 of 467

Aaron A. Reed

Release 4

Section - Denial Interrupted

[If we interrupt Progue on his way somewhere, we get a slightly different segue into the normal Denial Conversation. Progue is anxious to move on and will do so if the player gives him a moment.]

Denial Interrupted is a serendipitous rerunnable guaranteed triggered denialy episode. The subchange beat is silence. The boredom beat is silence. The bye beat is silence. The abruptbye beat is silence. The icebreaker is di_1.

The allow Denial Interrupted rule is listed before the Progue is chattier the more he likes you rule in the condition rules [which is also before the Progue doesn't like to be interrupted rule]. A condition rule for Denial Interrupted (this is the allow Denial Interrupted rule): if we are greeting and the animus of Progue is not resting and the animus of Progue is not swimming and Progue is wishing, rule succeeds.

di_1 is a repeatable beat with reaction "[The Progue] [one of]comes to a halt[or]stops[at random] and [if affinity of Progue < 0]flashes you a look of minor annoyance. 'Flagging me down now, eh?'[otherwise]gives you a cheerful wave. 'Fine day for [animus of Progue], isn't it?'[end if] he says. 'What can I do for you?'". di_1 suggests di_leave.

di_leave is an exciting repeatable terminal beat with fuse 9999 and reaction "'[one of]Well, I must be off[or]It's been fun, but I've got to go[or]I'll see you later[in random order],' [the Progue] says, [if affinity of Progue > 0]flashing a smile[else]looking pointedly away[end if]. '[one of]Insanity to get on with, all that[or]Things to do, more things to see[or]Busy schedule today[or]Lots going on, you know[in random order]. Enjoy your [progue-time-of-day]!'".