Blue Lacuna — 303 of 467

Aaron A. Reed

Release 4

Section - Denial General Convo

Denial General Convo is a serendipitous rerunnable guaranteed triggered denialy episode. The subchange beat is silence. The boredom beat is silence. The bye beat is silence. The abruptbye beat is silence. The icebreaker is dc_makeconversation.

Last condition rule for Denial General Convo: rule succeeds.

First finishing rule for Denial General Convo:

if Progue is idle, rule succeeds.

First report greeting Progue when the psyche of Progue is denial: force discuss dc_intro instead.

dc_intro is a repeatable beat in DenialC with reaction "[The Progue] looks up from his [Progue-animus] and [if affinity of Progue >= 0]nods cheerfully. 'Good [progue-time-of-day], my hallucinatory friend!' he says good-naturedly[otherwise if affinity of Progue < -3]scowls darkly. 'What do you want?' he asks[otherwise if affinity of Progue < 0]regards you warily. 'Good [progue-time-of-day], [t]spirit[x],' he says cautiously[end if].".

The conversation_beat of Progue is dc_makeconversation. dc_makeconversation is a beat in DenialC.

Check discussing dc_makeconversation:

let beatlist be {dc_chat1, dc_chat2, dc_chat3, dc_chat4, dc_chat5};

remove the list of spoken beats from beatlist;

sort beatlist in random order;

if the number of entries in beatlist is at least 1, force discuss entry 1 of beatlist instead;

else force discuss dc_chat5 instead.

dc_chat1 is an insistent beat in DenialC with reaction "'I'm curious,' [the Progue] says, [attitude-business], 'have you been a professional [dc_player] long? Fairly unrespectable line of work, isn't it?' He narrows his eyes.". The yes-beat of dc_chat1 is dc_chat1yes. The no-beat of dc_chat1 is dc_chat1no. The maybe-beat of dc_chat1 is dc_wishywashy. dc_chat5 replaces dc_chat1.

dc_chat1yes is an insistent beat in DenialC with keyword name "yes" and reaction "[dc_chat1clarify].". dc_chat1no is an insistent beat in DenialC with keyword name "no" and reaction "[dc_chat1clarify]". To say dc_chat1clarify: say "He turns his head sideways. 'Was in that in response to the [dc_chat1first] question or the [dc_chat1second]?' he says". dc_chat1yes summons dc_chat1first, dc_chat1second. dc_chat1no summons dc_chat1first, dc_chat1second.

Understand "first/both" as dc_chat1first. dc_chat1first is a beat in DenialC with keyword name "first" and reaction "He grunts. '[if dc_chat1yes is spoken]You don't seem very good at it[otherwise]Would explain why you aren't very good at it[end if].'". dc_chat1first enqueues dc_chat1questions. dc_chat1first cancels dc_chat1second.

Understand "second" as dc_chat1second. dc_chat1second is a beat in DenialC with keyword name "second" and reaction "He [if dc_chat1yes is spoken]nods sagely. 'At least you can admit it,' he says[otherwise]clucks in disapproval. 'Seems rather sketchy to me,' he says[end if], 'but whatever keeps you in meat, I suppose.'". dc_chat1second enqueues dc_chat1questions. dc_chat1second cancels dc_chat1first.

dc_chat1questions is an insistent beat in DenialC with reaction "'Terrible sorries for the confusion,' he adds, [animus-business]. 'I always ask too many questions at once. Comes from talking to things like the ocean which don't answer back. It may not be healthy. Is it, do you suppose? Should I stop? Does it matter since there's no one to talk to anyway?' He narrows his eyes at you, and barks, 'Well?'". dc_chat1questions summons dc_chat1ending. The yes-beat of dc_chat1questions is dc_chat1ending. The no-beat of dc_chat1questions is dc_chat1ending. The maybe-beat of dc_chat1questions is dc_chat1ending.

dc_chat1ending is a beat in DenialC with keyword name "yes, no, and shrug" and reaction "He waves a hand at you. 'Only fooling,' he says, [attitude-business]. 'Carry on with whatever it was you were jabbering about or looking for or whatever.'".

dc_wishywashy is a repeatable dogged beat in DenialC with keyword name "shrug" and reaction "[one of]'Oh, I dislike that,' [the Progue] says sternly. 'Either hold an opinion and stick to it or stay at home and don't bother the world with your wishy-washy indecisiveness. Now which is it?'[or][The Progue] rolls his eyes. 'Can't have a conversation like that,' he says, 'or we'll never get anywhere. Can you not decide or do you just not care?'[in random order]".

dc_chat2 is an insistent beat in DenialC with reaction "'So how is the corporeal world finding you? Is this dimension meeting your satisfaction? Do you [dc_player] prefer the remote island [dc_likeithere] or are you more [dc_dontlike] gloom and graveyard types?' [the Progue] asks [if the affinity of Progue > 0]breezily[otherwise]skeptically[end if], [animus-business].". dc_chat2 summons dc_likeithere, dc_dontlike. dc_chat5 replaces dc_chat2.

Understand "paradise" as dc_likeithere. dc_likeithere is a beat in DenialC with keyword name "paradise" and reaction "[The Progue] nods in satisfaction. 'Good,' he says. 'Glad you like my [dc_island]. Sun, sea, air; what more could a physical being want?' He smiles, [animus-business], then takes a deep breath and exhales with gusto. 'Well, other than things to do, physical companionship, a sense of purpose, civilization, art, history, memory, and some sort of identity.'".

Understand "urban" as dc_dontlike. dc_dontlike is a beat in DenialC with keyword name "urban" and reaction "'Oh?' [the Progue] asks, nonplussed. 'Well, a pity. Mayhaps your next assignment will be more to your liking. Although,' he adds, looking around and then leaning forward conspiratorially, 'this [dc_island] isn't entirely without macabre. There's the [dc_creeper], of course, and those mysterious little [dc_girls]; whatever happened to them? Haven't spied them around for green eons.'".

dc_chat3 is a beat in DenialC with reaction "'You seem to be doing quite some wandering around for a [dc_player],' [the Progue] says skeptically. 'I always assumed your kind spends most of its time floating and flying and trying to lend me a scare. And you're a good deal less transparent than I'd expected.' He frowns. 'Hmm.[last-ep-msg-denial]' he adds.". dc_chat5 replaces dc_chat3.

[dc_chat4 is a beat in DenialC with reaction "'Have you taken a dip in the hot spring yet?' [the Progue] says, [attitude-business]. 'Just poke through the vegetation at the top of the rise. Sublime. Of course,' he adds sadly, 'mayhaps a [dc_player] entity like you can't enjoy such things. My condolences, if so.'". dc_chat5 replaces dc_chat4.]

dc_chat4 is a beat in DenialC with reaction "'[one of]Oh[or]Ah[or]Ha[at random]! There you are.[last-ep-msg-denial]' he says, [animus-business]. 'So and seen the Blue [dc_flash] yet? Best way to spend a sunset on the beach, asking myways,' he says.". dc_chat5 replaces dc_chat4.

[Once we've run out of chats, go with this next one.]

dc_chat5 is a repeatable beat in DenialC with reaction "'[one of]Still here?[or]Height of the [progue-time-of-day] to you![or]Greetings again![or]Enjoying the [progue-time-of-day]?[in random order][last-ep-msg-denial]' [the Progue] says, [attitude-business].".

[This creates some illusion that Progue has a medium-term memory and recalls what the last important conversation with the player was about.]

To say last-ep-msg-denial:

if last episode is Sleepless Rayfish Encounter, say " Hope you're rested up after your night swim with the rayfish,";

if last episode is Just Teasing, say " Promise I won't poke you this time,";

if last episode is Backseat Dooring, say " Sure as sure you'll get through that mysterious door before long,";

if last episode is Rainfall Rhapsody, say " That was quite some rainstorm we had,";

if last episode is Play Catch, say " Won't try to lob any more konokuk fruits at you, really,";

if last episode is Make-Way, say " Didn't mean to almost bowl you over by the rise earlier,";

if last episode is Hey That's Mine, say " No hard feelings about the pendant, I hope,";

if last episode is Art Critic, say " I've mostly really forgotten all about that terrible sculpture by the volcano, really I have,";

if last episode is Tending-to-Wounded-Player, say " Your leg's feeling better I hope? Excellent,".