Blue Lacuna — 227 of 467

Aaron A. Reed

Release 4

Section - Forest4

The prose name of Forest4 is "the rain forest". The description of Forest4 is "[forest4desc].". To say forest4desc: say "[if milestone mode is false and final release mode is false](4)[end if][A sentence about the forest profusion]. Great slabs of sloughed-off rock, a giant's skipping stones, tilt the ground here to strange angles, surfaces covered in countless tones of green-blue lichen and broken by clusters of ferns and skinny tree trunks. [paragraph break][exits]". To say Forest4Exits: say "The dropoff curves around [if dir][northwest] or [east][otherwise]into [dr]denser[x] forest or through a thick [dr]cluster[x] of short, stubby palms[end if]. The faint sounds of trickling water force their way through an impenetrable-looking [dr]wall[x] of bamboo[if dir] to the [southwest][end if]". Report going from Forest4 to Forest3: say "You keep the dropoff on your right side as you work your way away from the rocky ground[if dir], curving around to the north[end if].". Report going from Forest4 to Forest9: say "The palms have bark like armor and are densely clustered, making your progress slow. The dropoff curves in a gentle arc as you work your way through the grove, until you have almost turned around again[if dir] to the northwest[end if]. Eventually the palms lose their footing to even denser vegetation and you pause to catch your breath.". Report going from Forest4 to Crater Pond: say "Taking a deep breath, you plunge into the bamboo and are almost immediately completely lost and disoriented. The barely-yielding turtle green stalks surround you and give almost no headway. After an interminable amount of pushing, squeezing, and grunting, you finally push your way out into [if day]daylight[otherwise]open air[end if] and gasp for breath.". Understand "denser" as northwest when location is Forest4. Understand "cluster" as east when location is Forest4. Understand "wall" as southwest when location is Forest4. [Instead of examining by name basic-walls when location is Forest4: try wordgoing Crater Pond.]