Blue Lacuna — 226 of 467

Aaron A. Reed

Release 4

Section - Forest3

The prose name of Forest3 is "the rain forest". The description of Forest3 is "[Forest3desc].". To say Forest3desc: say "[if milestone mode is false and final release mode is false](3)[end if][A sentence about the forest profusion]. The ground gives way here in a sudden dropoff, nearly disguised by sinuous silver-green branches twining up from trees on the steep slope. [paragraph break][exits]". To say Forest3Exits: say "The edge of the dropoff runs [if dir][north] or [south][otherwise]towards a [dr]clearing[x] one way or through curtains of [dr]vines[x] in the other[end if], while the fractured top of a mighty tree long-fallen "; say "[if dir]runs [west][otherwise]clears a [dr]route[x] away from the edge[end if][if Egg Room is visited]. The hidden route [down] to the Egg is also nearby[otherwise if story mode]. An almost invisible gap shows a way [down] into a hidden hollow[end if]". Report going from Forest3 to Forest4: say "You make your way along the edge of the dropoff, curving slightly[if dir] [southeast][end if], feeling the ground harden and given way from moss to lichen beneath your feet.". Report going from Forest3 to Forest9: say "Following the curving edge of the dropoff, you work past curtains of vines and great, drooping leaves as tall as you towards an even more densely vegetated area.". Report going from Forest3 to Forest5: say "Leaping nimbly to the top of the decaying trunk, you walk along the soft moss slowly reclaiming it through the forest.". Understand "clearing" as north when location is Forest3. Understand "vines" as south when location is Forest3. Understand "route" as west when location is Forest3.

The sudden dropoff is a setpiece in Forest3. The description is "Dense vegetation prevents you from seeing much of anything other than the sudden drop[if Egg Room is unvisited]; you certainly can't see a way down[end if].". Instead of entering sudden dropoff when Egg Room is unvisited: say "You can't see any way down.". Instead of entering sudden dropoff: try going northeast.

Before going nowhere when location is regionally in Rain Forest: increase dumb-luck-counter by 5. dumb-luck-counter is a number that varies. Every turn when dumb-luck-counter > 0: decrease dumb-luck-counter by 1. [This prevents a brute force attempt to find the Egg by going every direction from every forest room. Our in-game explanation can be that after a while the player gets tired and doesn't notice the exit. ]

Instead of going from Forest3 to Egg Room when dumb-luck-counter > 15, say goingnowhere.

Report going from Forest3 to Egg Room: say "[if Egg Room is unvisited and puzzle mode]Lining up the compass carefully, you take a bearing along the precise direction of northeast-- and suddenly feel a surge of excitement. Through a gap you could barely squeeze through in the silver-green branches you spot a massive fallen tree trunk that slopes steeply down into a hidden hollow.[paragraph break]Squeezing between the gap, you walk carefully down the steep trunk of a fallen windsigh to the hidden hollow.[section break][otherwise if Egg Room is unvisited]Squeezing between the gap, you walk carefully down the steep trunk of a fallen windsigh to the hidden hollow, and what you see makes you stop short in astonishment.[section break][otherwise]Squeezing between the gap, you walk carefully down the steep trunk of a fallen windsigh to the crater with the crashed egg ship.[end if]". Report going from Egg Room to Forest3: say "You step up onto the rotting windsigh trunk, made spongy by rain and time, and walk the steep angle back up through the gap into the rain forest.".