Blue Lacuna — 225 of 467

Aaron A. Reed

Release 4

Section - Forest5

The prose name of Forest5 is "the rain forest". The description of Forest5 is "[Forest5desc].". To say Forest5desc: say "[if milestone mode is false and final release mode is false](5)[end if][A sentence about the forest profusion]. [if raining or rained]Trickles of water clogged with leaves and twigs come to rest in this marshy hollow, bounded by thick muddy[otherwise]Innumerable bits of decaying debris, from twigs and leaves to tiny bird bones and snail shells, collect at this low hollow bounded by thick[end if] tree roots twisting their way up to trunks that begin well above your head. [paragraph break][exits]". To say Forest5Exits: say "A [dr]gap[x] of grey [if dir]to the [south] [end if][if former location is Crater Pond]indicates[otherwise]must indicate[end if] an escape from the rain forest, while a crumbling [dr]slope[x] [if dir][north] [end if][f5e2]". To say f5e2: say "or the [dr]swath[x] cleared [if dir][dc]east [x][end if]by a newly-fallen giant lead deeper in". Understand "gap" as south when location is Forest5. Understand "slope" as north when location is Forest5. Understand "swath" as east when location is Forest5. Report going from Forest5 to Forest3: say "You walk along the top of the crumbling tree trunk towards a tiny clearing near the edge of a dropoff.". Report going from Forest5 to Forest2: say "You walk carefully up a slight slope towards a lighter area near a cluster of wildflowers.". Report going from Forest5 to Crater Pond: say "You slip through the gap in the trees and escape the oppressive interior of the rainforest.".