Blue Lacuna — 202 of 467

Aaron A. Reed

Release 4

Chapter - Chasm Edge

The prose name of Chasm Edge is "the edge of the chasm". The description of Chasm Edge is "[chasmedgedesc].". To say chasmedgedesc:

if longform begin; say "You are standing on [if dir and Chasm Edge is eastsided]the east[otherwise if dir and Chasm Edge is westsided]the west[otherwise]one[end if] side of a large lava [o]chasm[x]. To [if former location is Sloping Meadow]your right[otherwise if former location is Rockslide]your left[otherwise]one side[end if], the chasm widens and merges with the shattered caldera of the [o]volcano[x], while opposite it disappears into a collapsed jumble of rockfall[if Chasm Edge is eastsided]. Across the chasm is a meadow on the slopes of the volcano[end if][dot]";

otherwise if dawn or twilight; say "The black floor of the [o]chasm[x] below is indistinct in the [if dawn]early[otherwise]darkling[end if] light[dot]";

otherwise if morning; say "A few birds flit warily over the dark interior of the [o]chasm[x], still in shadow[dot]";

otherwise if midmorning; say "The late morning sun slants lazily over the rippled lava, lighting up [if Chasm Edge is eastsided]the far[otherwise]this[end if] wall of the [o]chasm[x][dot]";

otherwise if midday; say "The [o]chasm[x] looks less deep in the midday light, which shines down on the black lava rock of its uneven floor[dot]";

otherwise if afternoon or evening or sunset; say "Radiated heat rises from the black lava [o]chasm[x], hot after a day's soak in the tropical sun[dot]";

otherwise if night; say "You step cautiously near the edge of the [o]chasm[x], though even in the faint light you make out the knife edge of the dropoff, black on black[dot]";

end if;

say "[bridge state].[paragraph break][exits]".

The exits text of Chasm Edge is "From this side of the chasm, [thissidebit][if bridge is lowered and Chasm Edge is eastsided], or take the stairs [down] into the chasm[otherwise if bridge is raised][bridgeraisedbit][end if]". To say thissidebit: if Chasm Edge is westsided and dir begin; say "the sloping meadow stretches [bw of Sloping Meadow]off to the [west]"; otherwise if Chasm Edge is westsided and not dir; say "the sloping [d]meadow[x] stretches [bw of Sloping Meadow]towards the forest"; otherwise if Chasm Edge is eastsided and dir; say "you can make your way [bw of Rockslide]towards [if Rockslide is visited]the[else]a[end if] rockslide to the [northeast]"; otherwise; say "you can scramble [bw of Rockslide]up towards [if Rockslide is visited]the[else]a[end if] [d]rockslide[x]"; end if. To say bridgeraisedbit: if Chasm Edge is westsided begin; say ", or cross the bridge [bw of Rockslide]towards [if Rockslide is visited]the[else]a[end if] [dr]rockslide[x][if dir] to the [northeast][end if]"; otherwise; say ", or cross the bridge and head [bw of Sloping Meadow]to the [dr]meadow[x][if dir] to the [west][end if]"; end if.

ChasmEdge-stuff is stuff in Chasm Edge. Understand "jumble/rockfall/caldera" as ChasmEdge-stuff when location is Chasm Edge.