Blue Lacuna — 201 of 467

Aaron A. Reed

Release 4

Chapter - Chasm Floor

Understand "caldera" as southeast when location is Chasm Floor. Understand "chasm" as northwest when location is Volcano Floor. Chasm Floor is a room. "[if dawn or sunrise or morning]Tendrils of mist swirl lazily above the hardened surface of the lava flow beneath your feet[otherwise if evening or sunset or twilight]Shadows swallow the hardened black lava flow beneath your feet, and you catch your toe on the odd protrusion made nearly invisible in the refracted light[otherwise if night]The black lava flow beneath your feet is nearly invisible under the stars[otherwise]Hardened black lava swirls like waves caught mid-surge beneath your feet[end if][if midday or midmorning], reflecting the blue sky above with buffed black highlights[otherwise if afternoon], radiating heat but not light with a near-physical presence[end if].[paragraph break][bridge state].[paragraph break][exits].". The prose name of Chasm Floor is "the floor of the chasm".

The exits text of Chasm Floor is "The frozen river winds through a twisted mass of collapsed rockfall, widening [if dir]to the [southeast] [end if]as it approaches the volcano's riven [dr]caldera[x]. [etcmf2]". To say etcmf2: say "[if dir]To the [northwest][otherwise]In the opposite direction[end if] it disappears into a [dr]jumble[x] of cracks and collapsed rockfall[if we are requesting the exits text and bridge is lowered]. A plank staircase rises [up] the side of the chasm[end if]".

Report going from Chasm Floor to Volcano Floor: say "You hike along the steadily widening chasm, past huge fallen boulders and sheets of rock, until you enter the floor of the volcano itself." Report going from Chasm Floor to Jumble: say "You walk back into the crowded cluster of boulders, a labyrinth of broken boulders and lava rock, finally coming to the niche outside the door."

Chasmfloor-stuff is stuff in Chasm Floor. Understand "tendrils/surface/protrusion/waves/highlights/frozen/river/rockfall" as chasmfloor-stuff when location is Chasm Floor.