Blue Lacuna — 200 of 467

Aaron A. Reed

Release 4

Chapter - Jumble

The prose name of Jumble is "the jumble of lava rock". Understand "jumble" as northwest when location is Chasm Floor. The description of Jumble is "[jumbledesc].". To say jumbledesc:

if night begin; say "It is pitch black.[paragraph break]";


say "You stand amidst a confusing jumble of black lava boulders, almost a cave. [if dawn or twilight or sunrise or sunset]Only the faintest light filters down from the jagged crack of sky visible above[otherwise if morning or evening]Light hits the side of the fissure, painting the confusion of rockfall in refracted, fuzzy hues[otherwise if midmorning or afternoon]Light creeps down one side of the fissure, causing an almost painful contrast between the sunlit tips of rock and the shadowed rubble beneath them[otherwise]The sun bridges the jagged crack of sky above, illuminating the bottom of the crack with harsh midday light[end if].[paragraph break]";

end if;

say "[exits]"

Check going up when location is regionally in Frozen Hell and location is not Chasm Floor: try climbing basic-walls instead.

The exits text of Jumble is "[jumble_door], while more open [dr]terrain[x][if dir] [southeast][end if] is reachable once you disentangle yourself from the boulders here". Understand "terrain" as southeast when location is Jumble. Understand "room" as lava tunnel door.

To say jumble_door: if lava tunnel door is open, say "An open [d]door[x] covered with cogs and [o]gears[x] leads [if dir][west][otherwise]to the back room of the cabin"; otherwise say "A boarded-over crack in the lava surrounds a closed [o]door[x][if dir] [west][end if] covered with cogs and [o]gears[x]". Understand "shack" as west when location is Jumble. Does the player mean opening a direction: it is very unlikely. Does the player mean closing a direction: it is very unlikely.

The clockwork gears are a setpiece in Jumble. Understand "cogs" or "mechanism" or "relay" or "key" or "notched" or "catch" or "counterweight" as gears. The description is "Studying the mechanism closer in the dim light, you can see how each button is connected to a relay which advances a long narrow key along a notched path, the correct sequence finally tripping a catch which releases the [o]lever[x] and swings a counterweight free. The craftsmanship is very fine."

The lava lever is a setpiece in Jumble. The description is "The lever is connected to a counterweight; pulling it will cause the weight to drop and the door to swing open." Instead of pulling the lever when the lava tunnel door is open, say "The lever is already extended to its full length." Instead of pulling the lever: try opening the lava tunnel door. After opening the lava tunnel door when location is Jumble: say "You pull the lever, which chunks a bolt out of place and releases a counterweight that swings the heavy door slowly open.". After closing the lava tunnel door: say "[if location is Jumble]You push against the heavy door. As it becomes flush with the wall, the lever is pushed back against its surface and the counterweight is raised, until both are locked in place with a tiny clunk[otherwise]You pull heavily on the handle and the door swings to. As it becomes flush with the wall, you feel something clunk fully into place behind it and the door is again closed and locked[end if].".

Report going from Jumble to Chasm Floor: say "Picking your way carefully through the sharp and unstable lava rock, the ceiling gradually opens up above you, until you emerge into the bottom of an open chasm leading straight into the volcano." Report going from Jumble to Back Room: say "You step through the door into the interior of the cabin."