Blue Lacuna — 203 of 467

Aaron A. Reed

Release 4

Chapter - Volcano Floor

Understand "cone" as southeast when location is Volcano Floor. The prose name of Volcano Floor is "the floor of the volcano". The description of Volcano Floor is "[volcanofloordesc].". To say volcanofloordesc:

if night, say "A circle of stars above your head marks the rim of the volcano as you look up from inside. [if moonup]Moonlight illuminates an unearthly landscape of steam vents and lava, but most details[otherwise]Details of the volcano floor[end if] are swallowed up by the blackness; all you are sure of is the path back to the [dr]chasm[x][if dir] [northwest][end if]";

otherwise say "[if midmorning]Sunlight streams over the wall of the crater, rising[otherwise if afternoon and not raining]The sun hovers just above the crater wall, which rises[otherwise]The crater walls rise[end if] all around, but here you stand at the epicenter of some awesome past eruption. The explosion shattered this side of the volcano, sending lava coursing through the chasm[descVolFloor2]". To say descVolFloor2: say " towards the beach and leaving the ground a jumbled mess of [o]cracks[x] and holes, many of which still vent steam. [paragraph break]Nearby[state of current outflow], a wooden [o]boiler[x] straddles a boarded-over vent in the lava, connected to a network of bamboo [o]pipes[x].[paragraph break][exits]".

VolcanoFloor-stuff is stuff in Volcano Floor. Understand "circle/rim/unearthly/landscape/details/blackness/epicenter/eruption/explosion/side" as VolcanoFloor-stuff when location is Volcano Floor.

The exits text of Volcano Floor is "The [dr]chasm[x][if dir] [northwest][end if] leaves the caldera; notable features within it across the black plain[if dawn or sunrise or morning], still cool in the morning shade,[otherwise if midday or afternoon], reflecting waves of heat,[otherwise if evening or sunset or twilight], still radiating heat,[end if] are [if volcano sculpture is on-stage]a particularly dense [dr]cluster[x] of steam vents[otherwise]a recent [dr]landslide[x][end if][vfex2]". To say vfex2: say "[if dir] [southwest][end if][if sunrise or morning] under a rocky bluff lit up by the rising sun[otherwise if afternoon or evening or sunset], hidden in the shadow of the crater wall,[end if] and a small cinder [dr]cone[x][if dir] [southeast][end if][if evening or sunset] underneath one brightly lit rim of the volcano[otherwise if sunrise or morning or midmorning], hidden in the shadow of the crater wall[end if]". The printed name of Volcano Floor is "Inside the Caldera, At the Collapse". Understand "landslide" or "cluster" as southwest when location is Volcano Floor.

Report going northwest from Volcano Floor: say "You pass out of the caldera and pick your way down into the badlands of the chasm." Report going southeast from Volcano Floor: say "You follow the edge of the caldera wall clockwise, working your way around towards the cinder cone until you stand at its base." Report going southwest from Volcano Floor: say "You walk around the edge of the caldera [if dir]towards the [west] side[otherwise]counterclockwise[end if]"; if volcano sculpture is off-stage, say " towards the new landslide."; otherwise say ", aiming for a point under [if Rim of Volcano is visited]the abstract sculpture[otherwise]something shiny and pointed[end if] on the volcano's rim. You pass more and more steam vents, until you finally arrive in the middle of a dense cluster of them.".

Some shallow puddles are described set dressing. The initial appearance is "Some shallow puddles of seawater still bake here and there across the caldera floor, remnants of the tsunami's flooding.". The description is "The puddles are hot to the touch and are quickly evaporating in the heat of the sun.". Instead of touching shallow puddles, say "The water is hot.". Instead of tasting shallow puddles, say "Salty.".

A jumbled mess of cracks is a setpiece in Volcano Floor. Understand "hole/holes/crack" as jumbled mess when location is Volcano Floor. The description of mess is "The ground has the strange, uneven look of land that was liquid not so long ago-- years? centuries? eons? Tiny puffs of steam rise here and there, though without nearly the ferocity of the [dr]cluster[x] of vents across the caldera floor." Instead of leaping jumbled mess of cracks, say "Not unless you'd like to be boiled alive.".

The boarded over steam vent is a setpiece in Volcano Floor. Understand "boarded-over" or "sealed-off" or "sealed" as the boarded over steam vent. The description is "This sizable rent in the caldera floor has been completely sealed with carefully carved, interlocking pieces of wood, which would serve to route any rising steam into the [o]boiler[x] at its center.". Instead of opening the boarded over steam vent, say "The boards fit quite tightly, and do not seem to conceal any trapdoors or other movable parts.". Instead of leaping or attacking boarded over steam vent, say "You jump heavily on the boards, but they are quite solid and do not give.". Instead of touching boarded over steam vent, say "The wood is too hot to touch for more than a moment.". The dream-text of boarded over steam vent is "steaming bricks".