Blue Lacuna — 173 of 467

Aaron A. Reed

Release 4

Part - The Marshlands

Check sleeping in Marshlands: say "It's too boggy to sleep anywhere around here.[sleepsuggest]" instead.

To say a sentence about the marshlands:

if raining begin; say "There is nothing but mud as the rain thrashes the already soaking marshlands";

otherwise if rained; say "Hot mist hangs like a physical presence over the soaking marshlands, as if the tiniest disturbance would cause the evaporating moisture to start falling again";


if night, say "[one of]Quiet sounds of trickling water and shifting mud seem ominous in the oppressive darkness[or]Vague shapes surround you on all sides, but only the sucking of the mud beneath your feet seems real in the thick black of night[in random order]";

if dawn, say "A still mist blankets the marsh, lending the muddy patches, tufts of grass, and deeper pools a grey indistinctness, a reluctance to let in the growing light";

if twilight, say "Even now that the sun has set, curtains of heat still radiate from the mud and grass around you";

if sunrise or morning, say "[one of]White curtains of mist swirl delicately over the marsh, the cold shadow of the great mountain protecting them from the hidden sun[or]Here in the shadow of the mountain, the marsh is still cool and quiet, tendrils of mist drifting over mud and patches of deeper water[in random order]";

if midmorning, say "[if location is Marsh]Morning arrives late to the marsh, the mountain's shadow only now reluctantly retreating as the sun crests the ridge, touching muddy patches of grasses and pools of standing water with insistent yellow-gold light[otherwise]Still caught in the mountain's shadow, the marsh here retains hints of the night's chill[end if]";

if afternoon or midday, say "[one of]The marsh bakes in the [if midday]midday[otherwise]afternoon[end if] sunlight, which lifts steam from momentarily dry patches and turns the standing puddles around you uncomfortably warm[or]Humidity rises in curls of moisture from the swampy ground, adding to the topical heat[in random order]";

if evening or sunset, say "[one of]Striking shades of [if evening]orange and brown[otherwise]red and purple[end if] paint the marsh as the [if evening]falling[otherwise]setting[end if] sun slants through clumps of grasses and murky pools[or]Insects drift lazily through the vivid evening light, sluggish in the warmth of both sun and steaming marsh[in random order]";

end if.

Report going from Marshlands to Marshlands: say "[one of]You pick your way carefully through the marsh[or]Hopping from one clump of dry grass to another, you navigate the swampy maze[or]Slowly, you work through the boggy terrain[or]You find a path through the wet salty bog[at random] [one of]towards[or]to[at random] [if location is West-Marsh]the edge of the marsh[otherwise if location is East Marsh]the vicinity of the rocky spire[otherwise]the cliff face[end if][if a random chance of 1 in 2 succeeds][time-of-day-bit][end if].".

The ambience table of Marshlands is Table of Marshlands ambience.

Table of Marshlands ambience

freqstart timeend timetexttabletriggerflag
commonmidmorningtwilight--Table of Frog ambience
common------Table of Lacuna Insect ambience
uncommon------Table of Lacuna Weather ambience
uncommon------Table of Chairlift ambience
raresunrisesunset--Table of Mountain ambience
commontwilightnight--Table of Firefly ambience

Table of Frog ambience

common"Steady croaking sounds on all sides, somehow merging with the wet, bubbling sounds of the marsh into a steady buzz."

A frog is an animal. The description is "The squat round creature, about the size of a child's hand, quivers nervously.".