Blue Lacuna — 174 of 467

Aaron A. Reed

Release 4

Chapter - West Marsh

West-Marsh is a room. "[A sentence about the marshlands]. [A sentence about the mountain]. [paragraph break][exits].". The printed name of West-Marsh is "Edge of the Marsh". The prose name of West-Marsh is "the edge of the marshlands".

The exits text of West-Marsh is "You could return from here to higher ground, the drier area near the tree [dr]stumps[x][if dir] to the [southwest][end if], or slog through more marsh [etwmar2]". To say etwmar2: say "[if dir]to the [east] and [northeast][otherwise]towards a craggy [d]spire[x] or, farther off, the [d]foot[x] of the mountain[end if]". Understand "spire" as east when location is West-Marsh. Understand "foot" as northeast when location is West-Marsh.

Report going southwest from West-Marsh: say "You gratefully climb out of the mud and muck of the marsh, emerging amongst the drier ground near the stumps."