Blue Lacuna — 135 of 467

Aaron A. Reed

Release 4

Section - The Pressure Gauges

[The pressure gauge at each device shows how much power it needs and how much it is receiving. Since this info is irrelevant in story mode, we omit mentioning it in room descriptions.]

A pressure gauge is a kind of container. Understand "quartz" or "cylinder" or "curious" or "pressure" or "numbered" or "line/lines" or "ring/rings" or "guage" as a pressure gauge. A pressure gauge is usually closed, unopenable, fixed in place and transparent. A pressure gauge has a number called target pressure. A pressure gauge has a pipe called related pipe. The description is "About the height of your hand, this hollow cylinder [connectionbit]. Meticulously carved from a solid piece of quartz, you can see through to the inside, where [if curr_press >= 7 and curr_press <= 30]torrents of steam rush upwards through roiling[otherwise if curr_press >= 1 and curr_press <= 6]steam bubbles up through boiling[otherwise]floats a tiny pool of standing[end if] water.[paragraph break]A series of thirty delicate rings are etched into the quartz; a firm black line marks the point [target pressure of noun in words] ring[s] up from the bottom.[paragraph break][pipe2bit].". To say pipe2bit: say "The [if curr_press >= 7]water dances around[otherwise]water level is currently[end if] [if curr_press is 0]even with the bottom ring[otherwise][curr_press in words] ring[s] up from the bottom[end if]". To say connectionbit: say "connects the [o]pipe[x] to the [if location is Chairlift Base]ropeway [o]mechanism[x][otherwise if location is Observatory Exterior][o]pyramid[x][otherwise][o]mechanism[x][end if]".

The dream-text of a pressure gauge is usually "long hollow tubes of quartz snaking off into the walls". Understand "fill [a pressure gauge]" as a mistake ("The cylinder is completely sealed; to the pipe on the bottom end, and the outflow [o]tube[x] on the other."). Check examining a pressure gauge when night: say "It's too dark to make out any details of the cylinder's appearance." instead. Check attacking a pressure gauge: say "The gauge is carved from solid quartz; without a hammer and chisel, you won't be able to make much of a dent." instead. Check opening a pressure gauge: say "It's a solid piece of transparent quartz, firmly connected on one end to the pipe and on the other to the [if location is Chairlift Base]ropeway mechanism[else if location is Observatory Exterior and pyramid is on-stage]base of the pyramid[else if location is Observatory Exterior]base of the chair[else if location is Chasm Floor or location is Chasm Edge]rock wall[else]boiler[end if]." instead. Check pushing a pressure gauge: say "It's firmly attached to the pipe and the whole thing is solidly anchored." instead.

To say gauge-description: say "[one of]A strange quartz [o]cylinder[x][or]A quartz pressure [o]gauge[x][stopping]".

To decide which number is curr_press:

let x be pressure of related pipe of noun;

if puzzle mode and noun is the ropeway pressure gauge begin; [ Reduce it by a bit less than half due to leak ]

if x is 4 begin; now x is 2;

otherwise if x is 5; now x is 3;

otherwise if x is 6; now x is 3;

otherwise if x is 7; now x is 4;

otherwise if x is 8; now x is 5;

otherwise if x is 9; now x is 5;

otherwise if x is 10; now x is 6;

otherwise; now x is x / 2; end if;

if the bucket is not stationary, now x is x - 4;

end if;

decide on x.

An outflow tube is a kind of setpiece. Understand "bamboo" or "tube" or "outflow" or "long" or "vent" as an outflow tube. The description of an outflow tube is usually "The tube [if location is Volcano Floor]emerges from the top of the boiler[otherwise if location is Chasm Edge]pokes up from the ground near the vent[otherwise if location is Chasm Floor]sticks out of the side of the chasm near its top[otherwise if location is Observatory Exterior]pokes up from the ground nearby[otherwise]rises from the top of the mechanism[end if][if location is Volcano Floor][state of current outflow][otherwise][state of pressure of related pipe of noun][end if][otd2].". To say otd2: say "[if puzzle mode and location is Volcano Floor]. [gauge-description] serves as a join between the tube and the [o]boiler[x] itself[otherwise if puzzle mode and location is Observatory Exterior], joined to the pipe by a quartz [o]gauge[x][end if]". An outflow tube has a pipe called related pipe. Check entering an outflow tube: say "The tube is only about as wide as your forearm." instead. The dream-text of an outflow tube is usually "giant tubes of bamboo". Check climbing an outflow tube: say "It's not high or sturdy enough to climb.".