Blue Lacuna — 134 of 467

Aaron A. Reed

Release 4

Part - Lacuna Systems

Chapter - Power System

Section - The Pipes

A pipe is a kind of backdrop. Understand "bamboo" or "pipe" or "piping" or "pipes" or "network" or "paint" as a pipe. A pipe has a number called pressure. Does the player mean turning or adjusting a pipe: it is very unlikely. The description of a pipe is usually "Once coated in now-flaking paint, the pipe, about as wide as your fist, is made from thick pieces of bamboo sealed together with vines coated with sticky tar.". Understand "follow [a pipe]" as a mistake ("[followpipemsg]."). Instead of pushing or pulling a pipe: say "It's firmly anchored in place." Understand "smoke [a pipe]" as a mistake ("It's not that kind of pipe."). Understand "fill [a pipe]" as a mistake ("The pipe is completely sealed; there's no opening."). Check climbing a pipe when location is Chasm Floor or location is Ravine Floor or location is Observatory Exterior: say "The pipe is too [if pressure of noun > 0]hot[else]smooth[end if] to get a grip on." instead.

To say followpipemsg: [These shouldn't have periods appended because ?]

let item be noun;

if item is red pipe, say redpipedetailmsg;

if item is blue pipe, say bluepipedetailmsg;

if item is yellow pipe, say yellowpipedetailmsg.