Blue Lacuna — 133 of 467

Aaron A. Reed

Release 4

Chapter - General Ambience

Table of Lacuna Weather ambience

common"A gust of wind catches your hair, tousling it this way and that before dying down."
common"[if day]The sun ducks behind a high, fast moving white cloud for a moment, then returns to its former brilliance[end if][if night and moonup]High clouds cover the face of the moon, but in only moments they have moved on[end if][if night and moondown]Faint patterns of clouds move over the galactic spectacle above, as if the stars are one by one winking out and then returning[end if]."

Table of Lacuna Insect ambience

rare"A small colorful beetle inches its way carefully along the ground near your foot."--crimson beetle
rare"A small dark bug twirls past your head, its wings making a dull, lazy buzz."--black bug
rare"A swarm of tiny winged insects, each no bigger than a pinhead, drifts by with the breeze."--swarm-of-midges
superrare"A tiny spider drifts by on a gust of wind, strands of web catching on a clump of vegetation before it frantically scurries out of sight."--tiny spider
rare"A brown spider with a fat body scuttles through the underbrush."--brown spider

An insect is a kind of set dressing. Understand "insect/insects/bug/bugs" as an insect. Check attacking an insect (called buggie): remove buggie from play; say "[one of]You destroy the tiny [buggie][or]Effortlessly you crush the [buggie][at random]." instead. The description of an insect is usually "Gone already." Check taking an insect: say "You reach out a hand, but the tiny creature evades your grasp and hurries away." instead.

A crimson beetle is an insect. The description is "You bend closer to study it. Tiny gold threads stretch around its carapace, which is otherwise a deep crimson. It halts and quivers anxiously as you make a sudden movement." Check taking the beetle: say "You put your hand in front of it, but it turns and marches in another direction." instead.

A black bug is an insect. The description is "It is gone almost before you can turn your head to study it more closely."

A swarm-of-midges is an insect. The printed name is "swarm of midges". Understand "swarm/midge/midges" as swarm-of-midges when swarm-of-midges is enclosed by location. The description is "For some reason, these seem to exist on nearly every world." Check taking the swarm-of-midges: say "They are almost as insubstantial as dust." instead.

A tiny spider is an insect.

A brown spider is an insect. The description is "Its legs are covered in tiny hairs, but its fat body is smooth and hairless.". Check attacking a brown spider: remove brown spider from play; say "You squash the brown spider, leaving behind only a leg-strewn smudge." instead. Check taking a brown spider: say "You let the creature crawl over your hands for a minute. Finally the tickling from its hairy legs forces you to put it back down and let it crawl away." instead.